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14 Days / 13 Nights
$2200 USD
A great offer for those of you looking to absorb and take-in the major sights of Egypt, to steep yourselves into its ancient cultures and experience it in its entirety. This package encompasses all the sights with a splash of the exotic in the Red Sea scape you will catch sight of. A luxurious in-depth tour of the classics.
Abu Simble
Abu Simble

General Information About tour

Day 1   Cairo            Arrival in Cairo and hotel transfer
Day 2   Cairo            Pyramids of Giza and Saqqara
Day 3   Alexandria    Day trip to visit Pompey's Pillar, Library of Alexandria, the Citadel of Qaitbey
Day 4   Cairo            Egyptian Museum, Cairo city tour, Khan el Khalili souk, sleeper train to Aswan
Day 5   Aswan          Arrival in Aswan, the Philae Temple, the High Dam and afternoon felucca
Day 6   Abu Simbel   Day tour to Abu Simbel tour (optional)
Day 7   Nile Cruise   The Temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu
Day 8   Luxor           The Valley of the Kings, the Colossi of Memnon and the Mortuary Temple of the Queen                                   Hatshepsut, East Bank tour - Luxor Temple.                                                                                
Day 9   Dahab          The Karnak Temple. Flight to Sharm . Transfer to Dahab
Day 10 Dahab          Free day
Day 11 Dahab          Snorkelling in the Red Sea
Day 12 Dahab          Saint Catherine Monastery. Return to Dahab
Day 13 Cairo            Drive back to Sharm for your flight to Cairo
Day 14 Cairo            Transfer to Cairo International Airport 

Tour Highlights

Cairo, the Pyramids of Giza, Saqqara, the Egyptian Museum, Temple of Philae, Temple of Kom Ombo, Temple of Edfu, Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple complex, West bank, Valley of the Kings, Dahab


  • - 4 nights accommodation in Cairo
  • - 1 night accommodation in Aswan
  • - 3 nights Nile cruise
  • - 1 night sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan
  • - 4 nights accommodation in Dahab
  • - Domestic flight ticket -Economy class
  • - Meet and assist upon arrival and departure
  • - All entrance fees for the above-mentioned sights
  • - All transfers mentioned in the itinerary
  • - Meals as mentioned above
  • - English-speaking tour guide
  • - Tipping including for all the involved during the tour excluding the tour guide and the tour leader
  • - Published rate is based on 5* standard accommodation during normal dates for Min. 2 persons
  • - 4* Accommodation is available upon request
  • - Domestic flights price & class are subject to change on the day of the booking due to incidental taxes imposed


  • - Entry visa to Egypt
  • - International flight ticket
  • - Tipping for the tour guide and the tour leader
  • - High and peak dates
  • - Any personal expenses such as drinks, laundry etc.
  • - Any optional trips or unmentioned items
  • Day 1 (Cairo)

    Cairo Welcome to Egypt. Our representative will get you through airport formalities and customs and transfer you to your hotel. The evening will be yours to enjoy at leisure. Overnight at Cairo hotel. (No meals)

  • Day 2 (Cairo)


    Your classical tour will begin today with a taste of greatness, a dream that comes into fulfillment as you encounter the Great Pyramids of Giza. Our guide will lead you through the plateau and enlighten you with his own in-depth knowledge and experience of his beloved country. Afterwards, you will wonder though another Pyramid-strewn landscape on the Saqqara plateau, where you will set your sights on Djoser’s Step Pyramid. Overnight at hotel. (Breakfast)


  • Day 3 (Alexandria)

    Alexandria The road trip to Alexandria will take us about 3 hours. Alexandria is Egypt’s second largest city. Founded by Alexander the Great, it offers the visitor many unique attractions. It has relics of bygone eras, such as Pompey’s Pillar, a roman triumphal column which is among the world’s largest monolithic columns. Then there is the only Roman Amphitheatre to ever have been built in Egypt and the modern newly erected Bibliotheca Alexandrina with its six specialized libraries housing millions of books, 4 museums, an internet archive, a planetarium, 13 research centers and 15 permanent exhibitions. There is also the extremely well-preserved 15th century Citadel of Qaidbay, built on the exact same spot of the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria. After this marvelous day-long tour, we will drive you back to Cairo. Overnight in Cairo hotel. (Breakfast and lunch)

  • Day 4 (Cairo)


    After breakfast you will visit the Egyptian Museum, a treasure trove of ancient artifacts. Then it’s off to the Citadel of Saladin, built in 1176-1183, standing tall on the Moqattam Hills and fortified later to protect from the invading Crusaders. Within its walls, the ottoman alabaster Mosque of Mohammad Ali was built in1828-1848. Our next stop will be Coptic Cairo with its Al Muallaqa, Hanging Church, which was built on top of the gate of the roman fortress of Babylon, a unique sight to behold. Following that, we will visit St Sergius Church, believed to have been the last resting place of the Holy Family before its return to Jerusalem after having fled Israel and trekked through Egypt for 4 years. Your day will end on a colorful note with a stroll through one of the oldest oriental bazaars, Khan el Khalili. Early in the evening, we will take you to the train station to board the sleeper train for Aswan. Dinner will be served on board. (Breakfast and dinner)


  • Day 5 (Aswan)


    After breakfast on board the train, we will pick you up at the station and drop you off to board your 5* cruise ship.  A short sail will bring you to the Agilkia Island, home to the Temple of Philae dedicated to the goddess Isis. We will then proceed to the Old Dam, the original one, built in 1899-1902 and then visit the masterpiece of modern engineering embodied in the new High Dam, which was constructed 1960-1970. Come evening, we will leave you to explore Aswan at leisure, the souks being a highlight for visitors, with their multitude of shops, displays and multi-colored wares. Overnight aboard cruise ship. (All meals included)

  • Day 6 (Aswan)


    The day is yours to enjoy in the city of Aswan. On offer is the optional tour of the stupendous temple of Abu Simbel.Overnight on-board cruise ship. (All meals included)

    Optional: Tour of Abu Simbel. Some 300 kms out of the city, the 3 temples of Abu Simbel stand tall and proud. Constructed in commemoration of Ramses II’s tactical victory at the Battle of Kadesh in 1274 BC, they are a marvel of engineering and mathematics. Twice a year, on October 22 and February 22, the sunbeams reach the inner sanctums and light up three out of the four sculptures. The only one to remain unlit is that of the God of the Underworld, Ptah. The small temple, dedicated to the Goddesses Hathor and Nefertari is also unique, whereby, for the first time in Egyptian architecture, the statues of the Pharaoh and his wife are equal in stature.

    Optional: Evening tour for the Sound and Light show at the temple of Philae.


  • Day 7 (Edfu)

    Edfu Early morning we will set sail and visit the unusual double Temple of Kom Ombo from the Ptolomaic Dynasty, dedicated to the gods Sobek and Horus. Lunch will be on board while sailing toward Esna and Edfu where we will visit the remarkably well preserved Temple of Edfu dedicated to the falcon god Horus. Late in the evening we will reach Luxor, city steeped in ancient history and rich in monuments. Overnight on board. (All meals included)

  • Day 8 (Luxor)


    Starting the day in Luxor is a must in order to avoid the midday heat of the West Bank. We will disembark and head to the Valley of the Kings, home to a plethora of Pharaonic tombs.Only 15 out of 69 tombs are open to the public. Amongst them are those of Tutankhamun, Thutmose III, Ramses I and Seti II. We will pass by the village of ancient workers at Deir el Madina, as well as the temple of Medinat Habu dedicated to Ramses III. We will also see the massive stone statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III known as the Colossi of Memnon. We will move on to the Temple of Hatshepsut and hear the tale of the divine birth of the first female Pharaoh. Upon our return to Luxor on the East Bank, we will explore the Luxor temple built by Amenhotep III and completed by Tutankhamun. Overnight at hotel in Luxor. (Breakfast)


  • Day 9 (Luxor)


    After breakfast at the hotel, we will push off to the Karnak Temple complex, the largest open-air museum in the world, with its conglomeration of temples, chapels and pillars. It was once named “Ipet-Isut”, meaning “the most select of places”. It houses the Great Hypostyle Hall with its 134 giant columns. Early afternoon you will leave Luxor and fly Sharm el Sheikh and transfer to Dahab, one of the most beautiful Red Sea resorts on the Sinai Peninsula. Overnight in Dahab. (Breakfast)


  • Day 10 (Dahab)


    Sabah el kheir. This is your day to just relax! Enjoy the peace of the beach, the watersports or maybe some snorkeling in the delightfully warm blue waters of the Red sea. Maybe just take a stroll into town and take in the sunshine. Overnight in hotel. (Breakfast)


  • Day 11 (Dahab)


    Today we snorkel! We offer you a dive into the azure waters of the Blue Hole, the most famous snorkeling spot in Egypt. After we return you to your hotel, the rest of the day is yours. Overnight at hotel. (Breakfast)


  • Day 12 (Dahab)


    Tour day to St Catherine’s monastery. We shall set off early this morning in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle to the small town of St Catherine. Marvel at the view from the top of the perch of the monastery looking upon Mount Sinai, widely known as Moses’s mountain, where Moses received the Ten Commandments. We will then visit St Catherine’s monastery, which dates back to 548 AD, named after Catherine of Alexandria. It is said that the angels brought her remains to Mount Sinai. The monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  After we return you to Dahab, you may spend the rest of the day as you please. Overnight at hotel. (Breakfast and lunch)


  • Day 13 (Cairo)


    On the road again; destination Cairo. Upon leaving Dahab, we will drive to Sharm el Sheikh airport and fly back to Cairo. Arrive to Cairo and transfer to your hotel after checking in you will have the choice to fill in the rest of the day as you wish. Overnight in hotel. (Breakfast)


  • Day 14 (Departure)

    Departure We sure do hope you had all your dreams fulfilled on this epic journey with us. Ma al Salama. Our Lady Egypt agent will pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at the airport for your flight home. (Breakfast)

Start date End date Price
1-10-2020 31-10-2020 1925 U$D
1-11-2020 30-11-2020 1795 U$D
1-5-2020 31-8-2020 1795 U$D
1-9-2020 30-9-2020 1795 U$D
15-4-2020 30-4-2020 2295 U$D
20-12-2020 5-1-2021 2295 U$D
6-1-2020 31-1-2020 1925 U$D
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