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The Cheops Pyramid, also known as the "Great Pyramid" is the biggest of the three standing on the Giza Plateau. Although one can enter all pyramids, this is the one that is open for tourists without special permissions. Its mere size and symmetry leaves no question on why it is still named one of the Wonders of The World. 
Entering the Cheops Pyramid is not for the faint hearted. It has a very narrow, slippery walkway which is shared by people going in while others are making their way out. It is very dark, humid and hot and most of the time one is walking in a crouched position. The destination – the burial chamber – makes it worth the effort. One gets to stand in the center of one of the oldest and greatest architectural structures ever built. You are allowed to spend about five minutes before a guard will usher you out to make space for others.
Having said this, to go to the Pyramids complex and not enter the Cheops Pyramid would be like going to New York City for a once in a lifetime experience and not visiting Times Square. You simply don’t miss the opportunity.

The Great Pyramid is everything people say it is and more. It is gigantic, mysterious, awe-inspiring, magnificent and monolithic. It is simply amazing. The architecture and accuracy of the construction has left even the greatest scientists in awe until this day.

One should take caution when walking around the entire complex. Vendors may become a little pushy trying to offer taking photos at “secret” angles. Always make use of a local tour guide when visiting the Pyramids. They simply explain history in ways that no guide book ever will.


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