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Responsible Travel

Lady Egypt Tours proudly holds its position as one of the leading tour operators in Egypt, the Middle East and Northern Africa. We are the local ground operator for two large travel companies based in England, two other travel agents in Brazil and one travel agent in China.

As part of our commitment to Responsible Travel, we always put the benefit of the local community in the host destination as our first priority. These local citizens are one of the essential components of the success of any tour we operate. Therefore, we have to guarantee that they benefit from our operations, either financially by making profit through products and services to our clients, or socially through mingling and exchanging experiences with people from other regions around the world. One of our objectives is community capacity building for workers and employees of the local community and support them in acquiring new tools to help them in their work and in their personal lives.

We appointed ourselves as guardians of the environment in which these locals live. We made it our mission to protect the environment by reducing any negative impact that our operation may have on it. Our environmental  protection strategy covers a wide scope of issues ranging from promoting simple positive manners like safe waste disposal and energy saving to implementing a number of environmental purification programs.

We strongly believe that every person, including our employees, our guests and the locals, have a significant role to play in order to preserve the environment and the natural resources and deliver them safely to the coming generations. Lady Egypt Tours acts as a coordinator to harmonize the efforts of all those parties in order to achieve one valuable goal which is to make every single citizen of the world aware of his responsibility for the environment and the community he lives in.

Employment And Training

We always recruit qualified local guides in all host destinations as a contribution to solve the unemployment problem that most countries in the Middle East face. In Egypt and Jordan, more than 90% of the workers employed by Lady Egypt Tours are from the citizens of these two countries. Most have official long term contracts with social and medical insurance. We believe that a vital part of our role in the contribution to the local economy is to provide financial stability to the families of our employees.
After the Egyptian revolution of the 25th January 2011 and due to its temporary negative impact on the tourism industry, many travel companies started downsizing procedures. Lady Egypt Tours, on the other hand, as a contribution to the local economy and the Egyptian community in such a challenging period, never dismissed any of its employees from the various departments of its company. Moreover, the basic salary of all the employees working for Lady Egypt Tours was never affected or reduced, dissimilar to those of employees working for most of the other travel companies in Egypt who suffered from severe salary reductions.

As part of our contribution to give aid to minorities and  the less-fortunate sectors of the Egyptian community, we are proud that we recruited three handicapped employees working as office boys with official long term contracts.

An integral part of our committment to support the local economy is through capacity building. The management of Lady Egypt Tours always aims to improve the abilities and skills of its employees by providing them with the opportunity to participate in several appropriate trainings. In 2011, we started implementing a new training program encouraging all of our company representatives wishing to improve their language skills to attend English courses. We regularly organize educational trips for company representatives working in Cairo to Upper Egypt and many other regions where we operate our tours to give them practical explanations concerning the operations of the company in these destinations in order to expand their knowledge and work experience.

Most of our tours include a visit to a local market, like Khan El Khalili, the Aswan, and the Luxor local  markets. This vital element in our trips benefits local inhabitants who sell their products to our guests.

Financial Support To The Local Community          

Lady Egypt Tours supports two orphanages located in Egypt with grants in the shape of funds and materials on a regular basis and morally by giving our travelers the opportunity, if they wish, to visit these orphanages and offer the children gifts and affection.

In Jordan, we support a project entitled "Takeyt Um Ali". Takeyt is inspired by the Islamic notion of "Sadaqa" or providing food and aid for the needy and the hungry. This concept goes back to 11th century when a supplement was added to mosques with the aim of offering food and fresh water to the underprivileged inhabitants of any community. "Takeyt Um Ali", initiated by her highness Queen Haya, is a contemporary model of the medieval Takeyt, located in the heart of an underprivileged district in Amman, providing food and various services to all the poor sectors of the Jordanian community.

Lady Egypt Tours provides the Bedouins we deal with in Egypt and in Jordan, with financial support for the efforts they exert in welcoming and caring for our guests.

Cooperation With The Local Community
Our team of tour guides and company representatives always encourage travelers to buy different products especially handicrafts from local vendors. We urge the tourists to help the inhabitants of the community they are visiting by informing them that these handicrafts and souvenirs are the only mean of income for these sectors of society.

We have a deal with a domestic printing house that manufactures all of our printed products using locally sourced materials such as high quality Egyptian cotton and many other Egyptian raw materials. This provides working opportunities for many locals in the printing field in Egypt.

The perfect example of the cooperation between Lady Egypt Tours and the local community as a joint effort to advance the national economy in our organizating trips to the Bedouins and Nubians of Egypt and Jordan in their villages. These trips give the locals the chance to increase their incomes by providing the travelers with  homemade products and services. Moreover, it gives the tourists the chance to mingle with the local communities, partake i in their daily lives which provide the visitors with a special authentic experience.

We advise our guests to aid  local communities by making use of some of the simple services they provide especially at airports and train stations.

We inform our guests that tipping, or "Baksheesh" as we call it in the Arabic slang, which many travelers view as a trivial matter, is a vital and sometimes the only means to earn a living for many citizens in those communities.


Environment Preserving Projects
We organize a yearly desert cleaning project in the Wadi Al Rayan Protected Area in the governorate of Al Fayoum, south of Cairo. All our staff is encouraged to participate in this event as we gather our employees from the different regions in Egypt and  head to Wadi Al Rayan. We take all the tools needed and we all rake dirt and rubbish from the sand and from the Qarun Lake. We collect the waste in rubbish bags at the end of the day, drive to the local rubbish collection point and ditch it in its proper place where the government makes use of it in recycling projects.

Lady Egypt Tours organizes a Nile purification project aiming at cleaning the water and banks of the river Nile on a yearly basis. Our crew goes walking along the river banks in the governorates of Cairo and Giza raking up all the dirt and rubbish and the smaller canals of the most important river in Africa.

Protecting The Environment

All vehicles we use on our tours are regularly maintained and modernized in order to minimize the carbon fumes released. In all our operations in Egypt and Jordan, we never make use of any horse carriages or camel safaris except from trusted owners who have long standing contracts with us. Cruelty towards animals has always been an issue of concern in most of the countries of the Middle East where people mistreat animals and do not provide them with proper care. Lady Egypt Tours would never tolerate such actions under any circumstances.

All employees working for Lady Egypt Tours are encouraged not to smoke during working hours. Smoking is also prohibited in all of our vehicles for both for guests and employees.

Taking in consideration all the harmful effects the Carbon imprint on the environment, we try to reduce our use of local flights replacing them with other domestic means of transportation such as trains.

On our Felucca trips, we kindly ask our guides to never throw trash in the river and we provide them with special containers to collect their waste.
Water is Egypt is a very precious resource that has been gradually diminishing with global warming. Thus we kindly always ask our guests to be aware of that and try and preserve this precious resource.

We kindly ask our guests not to touch decorations and inscriptions in the temples, tombs, and palaces that they visit, because again, the sweat glands on our palms affect the pigmentation on the frescoes and wears them out.
Our tour operators always ask divers to take special care and not touch the coral reefs of the Red Sea in order to protect them from extinction.


We believe that the concept of responsible travel is a "two-way street" where the locals benefit from selling their products and providing their services to the traveler, while the traveler on the other hand takes advantage in experiencing an authentic trip to the country and the community she/he visits. Social interaction between the two is necessary in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the lives and cultures of the communities the visitor touches and this is a vital feature of our tours. We try to achieve this objective through the following: 

In Nubia, located in the deep south, we organize trips for our guests to visit the Nubian local inhabitants in their houses, creating a marvelous opportunity for the travelers to interact with the Nubians going about their daily rituals. The tourists are offered traditional homemade meals and the Nubians take the opportunity to demonstrate their daily activities including traditional bread baking which most children enjoy watching. All visitors enjoy such tours. We organize trips for tourists to visit the Bedouins living in Wadi Rum in Jordan where the locals perform traditional music, present visitors with meals, take time to illustrate parts of the ancient history of Jordan. Travelers find these trips quite interesting as they get to come in contact with the local community and encounter culturals norms and facets of a country rarely revealed in guide books.

Political Situation
We make sure that our guests are fully aware of the major political events occurring in the host destination they are visiting. Our guides present our guests with updated information concerning the political situation when they arrive in any city or region.

We ask our guests to do some reading regarding the political situation of the host country they are traveling to. We recommend some English news website to our guests to follow before and during their stay in the host destination.

Cultural Sensitivity
Lady Egypt Tours provides each guest with a document containing all the behavioral features and advice tourists are expected to follow. This include things to avoid during trips to specific sensitive destinations and where we inform the tourist on cultural sensitivities and make them aware of the nroms to be respected. We inform them on the religious structures  and the dress code.
Dress Code
Middle Eastern Countries are moslty muslim, so respect must be given to this, particularly when visiting mosques and other religious monuments. It is suggested that ladies avoid ‘clingy, tight, suggestive’ attire and stick with cool flowing cottons, long sleeved shirts and pants are usually recommended. Beach attire is fine onboard the felucca cruise or Nile cruise and at beach resorts. Shorts are rarely outside of beach resorts.
Some religions and customs may seem complicated and at times unfathomable but to local people they are important so please be respectful.

Ramadan, when adherents of the Muslim faith fast during daylight hours, results in many businesses closing during daylight hours, particularly of an afternoon. However, this does not generally apply to businesses that cater predominantly to tourists. The start/finish date for Ramadan is different from year to year. During Ramadan, the evening meal called Iftar [breaking the fast] is a happy occasion, which often breaks into a lively party celebration-an interesting feature to visitors. Ramadan culminates in a three-day celebration called Eid al-Fitr, which involves joyous feasting and all things merry. Although visiting non-Muslims are not expected to starve during daylight hours, it is considered impolite/inconsiderate to eat in public, the exception being in known tourist zones.

Arabic is the official language of all countries in the Middle East; however English is widely spoken in major towns and tourist centers. Whilst English is considered to be the international language for world travel, the locals will immensely appreciate a little effort on your part in communicating a few simple words and phrases in their own language. It’s a common courtesy and also fun to immerse oneself in the culture. Just a few words can go a long way in forging congenial situations in shops and markets and might result in comical and light-hearted meetings.

In adherence to the policy followed by Lady Egypt Tours, we provide culturally and environmentally sensitive tours in EgyptJordan, Turkey and IsraelWe exert ourselves in order to contribute economically, socially and environmentally in the most effective way to our host destinations. So far our feedback reflects that our clients have found great satisfaction with our service and they have been prolific in telling us of the pleasure they have had with us.
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