Enjoy the beauty of Oman's beaches with the old fortified towns that sprang up like mushrooms along the coastline; discover the whereabouts of the ancient city of Sumhuram and visit the prophet Bin Ali's tomb. 

The first stopover will be in a coastal town of Taqah protected by the 19-century Qasbar Fort, which is located on a hilltop and offers dramatic view of the countryside and the Arabian Sea. Another landmark of the region is Khor Rori, archeological site, where the fortified historic town of Sumhuram founded in the AD 1st century was situated. It was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. On the approach to the town of Mirbat you will see the mosque-like Tomb of the Prophet Bin Ali glowing with its white purity. A huge uncanny cemetery is surrounding the tomb. At last, you will visit natural springs at the Ayn Razat Park and spend some time at leisure. You will then travel back to Salalah. The tour in the saloon car or minibus includes the entrance fees.
Tour duration – 4 hours;
Distance – 150 km.