From the spiritual site to the picturesque beach, from the caves to the volcanic mountains – this short day tour will complete your stay in Oman.

Start your little travel from the Qara Mountains, which rise about 900 meters with the peak reaching 1500 meters. Visit the Tomb of the Prophet Job (Nabi Ayoub) from the Old Testament, who did not curse the God even after all misfortunes sent by the Satan in order to test Job's devotion to the God. From here you will move to Mughsayl with its clean beach and heavy waves, cliffs and blowholes. Proceed to the fascinating Marnif Cave overlooking the Arabian Sea and visit a lagoon located nearby to watch gorgeous pelicans and flamingos. Before returning to Salalah, drive up the mountains to the Yemeni border and enjoy the picturesque scenery opening in front of your eyes. The tour in the saloon car or minibus includes the entrance fees.
Tour duration
4 hours;
180 km