A day to explore the mountain ranges, deep gorges and villages stuck in the past, souks and beehive tombs, white beaches and sinkhole. Don't miss this unique offer!

The Al Hajar Mountains located in the northeastern part of Oman will astonish you with beautiful panoramas and breathtaking height – they are considered the highest mountain range in the Arabian Peninsula. During the trip you will be passing large wadis and small villages, where people still lead the life they used to before the oilfields were discovered. On Wednesdays a special women souk is held; both sellers and buyers are women, men are not allowed to enter the marketplace. The most interesting sight, however, is still awaiting you. At a height of 2,000 meters above sea level you will find some 90 Tower Tombs, which were discovered accidentally by a helicopter pilot in 1991. German scholars determined that the toms are approximately 4,500 years old. The 8-meter-tall towers are included in UNESCO World Heritage Site list. From the lofty mountains you will drive down to the coastline to cast a glance at the Gulf of Oman and its magnificent white beaches. At the end of your tour you will have a chance to jump in the turquoise waters of the Bimah Sinkhole, which appeared as a result of erosion thousands of years ago. The tour by 4x4 vehicle includes picnic.

Tour duration – 9 hours;
Distance – 340 kmkm