Royal Automobile Museum & King Hussein Garden Tour

Royal Automobile Museum & King Hussein Garden Tour

The Royal Automobile Museum houses an interesting collection of cars and motorcycles that have been owned by the Jordanian Royal Family. This range stretches along decades and what makes it even more special is all the photographs of the Royal Family while making use of these cars and bikes over the past eighty years.

Here you can view limousines, sedans, race cars and all forms of motorcycles. However, this museum is not only about the elegance of the cars that are on display, but focuses on the evolution of the automobile industry throughout the years. Furthermore, it displays the wealth of the Royal Family throughout the centuries and how they managed to adapt to the changing times of not only Jordan, but of the world.

The exhibits are modern with videos and background sounds adding to the excitement of what is on display. A very large photo of the city of Amman is also on display, which shows how the city has developed over the years.

The museum is situated in the King Hussein Garden, which is an elegantly maintained park overlooking the city skyline of Amman. It is tranquil and beautiful. Here and there are souks that offer mini cars and refreshments. You can spend at least two hours during the Royal Automobile Museum and King Hussein Garden Tour.

Entrance fees are three Jordanian Dinars. The museum and park are closed on Tuesdays for maintenance.