Rainbow Street

Rainbow Street

No one is sure where the name derived from, but Rainbow Street is definitely a colorful avenue with outdoor seating cafes, bookshops, unique little nooks and nearby embassies. For travelers who have spare time in Amman, this is something worth considering. You can wander around and do some window shopping, smack on authentic falafel or sip Arabian tea.

The evenings are extremely crowded in Rainbow Street because locals and tourist alike prefer eating here. The nearby nightclubs also attract more people who have tea while they wait for their friends. Most shops are closed on Fridays.

On the downside, Amman is an overpopulated Middle Eastern city which means that very few areas are free from trash and stray cats and dogs. By visiting this relatively nicer part of the city, you will have to do a bit of walking. Taxis drive up to a certain point, but not further as it becomes a bit narrow for cars.

Rainbow Street is one of those spots where tourists can mingle with locals at ease. People who spend time here are generally more educated and used to higher living conditions than the average Jordanian nationals. This also means that food and drink will be priced higher than other parts of the city.

Very much like its name, Rainbow Street’s occupancy of guests depend on weather. The place becomes very quiet during winter months. Although shops are still open, owners may choose to close up earlier than they would during summer times.