Jebel Al Weibdeh

Jebel Al Weibdeh

The world Jebel means mountain in the Arabic language. Jebel Al Weibdeh is considered a hill where you can walk up for magnificent views of the city of Amman. It isn’t far from the Roman Amphitheatre and ruins. At night time it makes for magnificent light views of the world that lives below.

Amazing views of the citadel as well as the neighboring Darat al Funun can be seen from here and the sound of cars and traffic seems distant. It is a well sought after area and tourists who have time to spare during their visit to Amman will often walk here for the art and ambiance of the alleys and shops that inhibit the hill.

Here you will find an array of shops serving food, drinks, pastries or even nonfood related items like clothes and mosaics. There are nightclubs that come alive when the sun goes down. Here are old churches and mosques that offer magnificent old architecture as well as the French Culture Center.

Those who visited Jebel Al Weibdeh before will warn not to miss the felaffel and shwarma tastings in the area. They insist that it is the very best in all of Amman. Seeing as it is an open area, or very much a neighborhood, entrance fees do not apply.

It is worth an hour or two during night time while in Amman.