Darat al Funun

Darat al Funun

Amman, very much like any Middle Eastern capital city, is bustling with traffic and people. One peaceful place is that of Darat al Funun. The sounds of birds, water fountains and the close by cats are quite different from the car horns and voices of people.

Darat al Funun is an old Arabian house that was turned into an art gallery. The gardens of Darat al Funun are built up of several terraces which you can climb to discover the old buildings and surrounding views of Downtown Amman that lies south.

The gallery displays not only art, but an also memorable archaeological piece from the Roman ruins, which includes those of a Byzantine church also stands on the grounds. In terms of art, the pieces include multimedia pieces, performing artists, paintings and drawings as well as sculptures.

Apart from the art gallery, the area itself doesn’t offer exciting activities, but it sure does offer an amazing view of the city. There is a library and tea shops that serve refreshing tea with mint. The gardens are very well maintained which adds to the relaxing outdoor atmosphere. Flowering trees and bushes produce a floral scent that adds to the tranquility.

Darat al Funun is not a very well-known tourist area, and it would be strange for the ordinary local to point it out, but with advice from the hotel reception or taxi drivers, you will find it. Entering the area is free of charge and on Fridays it is closed.