Gezirah Club Cairo

Gezirah Club Cairo

The largest multi sports facility in Egypt, founded in the year 1882 and located on the island of Zamalek in Cairo, is the Gezira Sporting Club. It is decorated by Acacia trees and lush gardens as this once was a botanical garden. At first the club was exclusive for the use of the British Army, but later it was allowed to be accessed by the Egyptian people who bought membership to the club and its facilities.
At Cairo’s Gezira Club, one will find sporting facilities for golf, tennis, croquet, squash, horse riding and cricket. Although cricket is not as much practiced since the British Army left the rule of the area. These days' football and basketball is also practiced on the well maintained grounds.

The gold course consists of eighteen holes and has a rating of sixty eight, three tees. There is a pro shop, with caddies, trolleys and clubs to rent. The course is the oldest in Egypt and was mainly used by the British residents in Egypt.

As for tennis, since the year 1907, lawn tennis tournaments were played here until the building of clay courts that sent forth tournaments with international sporting celebrities taking part. The club members enjoy the benefit of coaches who make their services available to the children and adults who wish to improve their tennis skills.

The football teams who practice here are also hard at work to become part of national sporting clubs. Boys as old as four years are being trained by fallen heroes of the sport and they gather twice weekly or more to learn how to become world class football players.
There are also swimming pools where babies, young ones and mothers gather where they are taught how to swim. It is not so much a swimming pool for sun bathing, as it gets quite crowded during summer evenings.

Although the club has suffered vandalism through the last few years, it still makes for a relaxing day out to play some golf, hit some tennis balls around with a partner or eat a light lunch at one of the restaurants.