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Egyptian meals reflect interesting stories... Molokhaih, Kushari, Om Ali, Kenafeh & Qatayef

Egyptian meals reflect interesting stories... Molokhaih, Kushari, Om Ali, Kenafeh & Qatayef

Egyptians enjoy meals that mirror stories of several ages. Egyptian history is not only about events and places; even Egyptian food has long history.

Molokhaih is toxic in the age of "Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah"
Food became a witness on the oppression from which Egyptian people suffered in the age of "Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah" who prohibited "Molokhaih" after he knew about its health benefits. He decided to launch a rumor to convince Egyptians that "Molokhaih" is a toxic plant so they cannot eat it. "Molokhaih" used to be a meal for aristocratic segment and royal court; therefore, they called it "Molokaih/Royal", and afterwards, Egyptians figured out such trick, decided to eat it and recovered its pharaonic name "Molokhai".

Ibn Battuta brings Kushari to Egypt
People may think that "Kushari" is an ancient Egyptian meal, but actually it is an Indian meal. Ibn Battuta brought it to Egypt after he saw Indians eat it on  the breakfast meal. Egyptians knew about its benefits so they added some ingredients such as macaroni, lentil and roast.
Kenafeh & Qatayef embody struggle between governor & governed
Stories varied about the invention of Kenafeh & Qatayef, as people eat them on Sohor meal during the holy month of Ramadan, aiming to protect them from thirst. This meal was made especially for Egypt's governor "Muawiya bin Abi Sufyan" in the era of Umayyad state. Other stories indicate that Kenafeh & Qatayef spread in the era of Fatimid state when the royal court dominated Qatayef and then Kenafeh broke out among citizens as a public desert that compensated them for deprivation from Qatayef.
Om Ali the Sweet of Death
Mamluks called Om Ali the "Sweet of Death" as it was invented by Ezz El-Din Aybak's first wife after she killed Shagaret Al-Dor, the second wife, to avenge the murder of her husband. She invented Om Ali and distributed it on the poor to celebrate the death of her enemy. 

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