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5 Reasons not to Miss Nile Cruise in Egypt | Blog

5 Reasons not to Miss Nile Cruise in Egypt

5 Reasons not to Miss Nile Cruise in Egypt

Breathtaking vistas, excellent entertaining programs, romantic atmosphere, luxury and coziness – this is what the cruise along the longest river in the world promises. Don’t miss the fabulous Nile Cruise once you are in Egypt as it offers a multitude of advantages. Here are some of them:

1.     Floating Luxurious Hotel
Most of the Nile Cruise boats have all the facilities that normal 4 or 5-star hotels would offer – from elegant royal and presidential suits to bars and restaurants, from swimming pools to spa treatment; from gyms to libraries.  All the cabins have large windows or balconies to relish the changing vistas of lush green riverside. Comfort and luxury is all you are going to experience aboard your ship.

2.     New Destination Every Day
Nothing repeats, there is no time to get bored as every morning you wake up in a different city, town or village to make a closer acquaintance with local people and ancient monuments. The number of the sights visited depends on cruise duration – it can be 4, 5, 8 and 15-day-long. The short ones are operating between Aswan and Luxor, while the long journey sets sail from Cairo.

3.     Multiplicity of Sights
Ancient Egyptians were erected their magnificent cities, temples and burials along the fertile banks of the Nile, the lifeblood of the country, Nile Cruises allow exploring more than the most packed on-land tours. And after a daytime sightseeing you can enjoy the many shows, parties and games that take place on board your boat.

4.     Unpack Just Once
That’s the benefit experienced holiday-makers will love immediately. It’s pretty difficult and tiring to carry your belongings from one hotel to another, from plane to train and consonantly pack, unpack and pack again while traveling from site to site. On the Nile cruise this problem does not exist, as your hotel travels with you.

5.     An Intimate Experience
The Nile Cruise ships built exclusively for the owning companies as a rule are not large boats; the average number of cabins varies from 80 to 120, and not all of them are occupied the whole year round, so you can easily find a place on the sundeck and enjoy a drink in the bar or arrange a romantic night lit by bright starts.

After all, your trip to Egypt without this exceptional experience can’t be considered complete, as the Nile had always played an important role in the lives of Egyptians.



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