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Whirling dervishes - Tanoura Show

Whirling dervishes - Tanoura Show

If there is a must-see performance in Egypt – it is folkloric whirling dervish dance called Tanoura. Originated among the Sufis as a way of physically active religious meditation, today it is a mesmerizing touristic attraction.

Dervishes perform this bewitching ecstatic dance during Sufi festivals for more than 700 years. It is believed that the circular motions are imitating the planets revolving around the sun. The position of hands and direction of the spins also have a certain meaning: right-to-left rotations express humanity love, the crossed hands at the beginning of the show testify the unification with God; the right arm always directed to the sky symbolizes the readiness to receive God’s blessing, while the left one passes the blessing to the Earth.

In present-day Egypt the vast majority of Tanoura dancers are entertainers rather than real followers of Sufism, nevertheless their endless whirling movements with a colorful skirt spinning round and round above their heads will keep you glued to the stage. The performers wear a few heavy multicolored skirts that might weight 10-15 kilograms taking them off gradually; this symbolizes the change of the seasons, while each color of the skirt corresponds to each Sufi order. The dance itself can last from 15 minutes up to a couple of hours without making the dancer dizzy. Undoubtedly, this is a breathtaking experience that will add flavor to your Egyptian holidays.

To make it easier for you Lady Egypt Tours has designed a Magical Day Trip around the capital of the country that includes a visit to timeless Pyramids of Giza, a dinner in one of the most beautiful gardens in Cairo – Al Azhar Park that offers a marvelous view of alabaster Mohammed Ali Mosque and surely a mind-blowing Tanoura dance show.
Don’t miss this amazing performance, as Tanoura is nowhere else as special as in Egypt!

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