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Pack Smart and Light

Winter holidays has started. Time to think, where are you going to spend your vacation and what are you taking with you. After cold and snowy winter most of the travelers prefer to enjoy fabulous sand beaches and warm, sunny weather. If you are one of them, welcome to Egypt.
All you need now is to pack. You can find loads of common tips online, but they are not always applying to the country you head to. So I would like to share my own experience of visiting Egypt, in particular.

Not-to-pack items
Don’t take too much heavy clothes. If you are packing a jacket, then more likely you will not need cardigan. Only one (relatively) warm top is more than enough as you might wear it only at chilly nights.
Believe me, there is absolutely no need for hair creams, moisturizers, soaps, shampoos, conditioners or shower gels. The last four items you will find in your hotel bathroom. Yes, I also thought my hair and skin will look awful after using “unknown” stuff but I was wrong. I was perfectly fine. So, forget your scented “Camay” soaps and heavy bottles of L'Oréal shampoos for couple of days. Towels are also provided by hotels. Do not take hairdryer, it takes a lot of space, and you are not going to use it often (I used it only once during two weeks). Small tube of sun cream, bug repellents and alike of this stuff you can by right here (I found it’s cheaper here than in my home country).
Don’t pack unnecessary gadgets. No need to take your smartphone, iPod, MP3, tablet, laptop and Kindle at the same time, otherwise you will have to pack a full bag of cables and chargers. Choose the most multifunctional out of your belongings.

What to pack?
Before we start… find a right-size suitcase. This is important. It must not be too large, if you are going to move around the country as it will be a mission to transport it from one spot to another. If the suitcase is very small you will definitely have to leave your favorite jeans at home, or fit it somehow into the case and sit on its lid to close it.
Once you are done with choosing your ideal case, take out all the clothes and gadgets you think you might need. Go ahead – throw away half of it! I know it’s difficult, especially if you are a woman… Just do it! You are not going to fashion show.
It’s enough to take two pairs of pants/jeans, T-shirts (count three tops for each trouser), light jacket for cool evenings, scarf (it can also be used for warmth, or as a cover-up on the beach, or just like a tissue to sit on), swimming suits, two pairs of shorts, nightwear, flip flops, trainers (you can travel in them), socks and of course underwear – do not cut back on it! Take a cap or sun hat and sunglasses as well. You will need it for sure.
Girls might also add a skirt, a couple of light summer dresses or even little black dress and heels (for special events) and make-up (lipstick of one or two colors, liner, eye shadows and mascara – even for this you might not have time as some tours start very early, so be ready for going out of your hotel half-sleepy).
Don’t forget your toothbrush and small toothpaste, deodorant and hairbrush. Take some medications with you even if you don’t suffer from any specific illness. You might simply catch cold. Right, Egypt is a warm country, though in winter nights are still cool… When Egyptians were advising me to wear warmer, my reply was: “You don’t know what cold is”. Eventually, by the end of my trip I had flu. Had to take medications and drink lemon juice… So do not neglect this point. Grab some medicine for diarrhea – just in case.
Take your phone with its charger and a working line. And the main thing without which a tourist doesn’t look like a tourist is his camera; don’t forget its charger and memory cards.

How to pack?
Now we know what we are taking on us. Time to pack. Every person has his own way of packing his luggage.
I usually gather all T-shirts and put them in transparent plastic bag, trousers – in another bag, swimming suit – in a separate one… this way it’s easy to find what you need, without making a mess. Besides, I feel more comfortable as my clothes are “protected” from dust and dirt during my travel. The disadvantage of this packing technique is that it takes more room than it can if you just roll your clothes instead of folding.
Closed shoes and camera bag can also save some place in suitcase, if you slip in them chargers, socks, pack of razor or other small things.
That’s it. Enjoy your sweet mobility and freedom!
P.S. The most important – don’t forget your passport and money.



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