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"Ten Traveler Tips" | Blog

"Ten Traveler Tips"

"Ten Traveler Tips"

Itinerant to "Egypt" Or "Land of Pharaohs" is one of the unique experiments that a traveler can go through…Egypt is a destination where culture heritage, beauty of nature, and location are united altogether on a same land…
To make your trip better, we offer the following tips …
1-      Say it in Egyptian :
Let us begin with the word "Good Morning" which is "Sabah El Kher", "Good Evening"= "Masaa El Kher" , "Yes" = "Away", "No" = Laa, "I need" we say it "Ana Awez" in Arabic, Please goes for "Law Samahat", ‘No, Thank you’ equals “La’ shukran.”, "Food" for "Akl", water for "Mayah"…"J
2-      A travellers companion:
Most travelers who travel to Egypt come armed with travel books. Travel books can provide an interesting overview and perspective of destinations; however, they are not always helpful. Travel books can often be inaccurate. It is wiser to ask a friend who has visited or ask a travel agency. If none are available, logging onto travel forums and reading people’s blog posts about their experience while visiting Egypt would provide a more realistic perspective of the country.
3-      Recommended food:
Egypt is well known with special dishes; never miss trying one of them.
The most popular is "Koshari" which is mainly "Two different types of Macaroni', "Rice" & "Lentil"  always covered with "red sauce", comes after this is "Falafel" or "fool" & "Ta'mya" which is mainly "Bean" cooked in two different ways...try both.
Two dishes you are going to fall in love with: "Feteer & Kebab"…best is to ask your travel agency for good restaurant serving these plates
4-      What to wear:
During summer season it gets a little bit sunny, cotton will be a nice choice and keep cold beverage in your bag, in winter it is warm you can put on a long sleeves T-Shirt and keep a jacket along with you.
When visiting tourist sites, visitors are advised to wear comfortable shoes. Some of Egypt’s must-see tourist destinations are on sandy surfaces or uneven grounds. In addition, visitors may be required to walk long distances. High heels and open-toe shoes are not ideal for some of these sites.
5-      What to keep in your bag while in Egypt
Keep your sunblock, cold beverage, money change, camera, toilet papers, disposable spoon / fork, safety pins, plasters (different sizes), antiseptic cream, diarrhea tablets, headache tablets & wipes…
6-      Taxi:
The best if a visitor asks their travel agency or hotel concierge to call a taxi for them. Otherwise make sure that you get ones which are equipped with digital, keep a change of L.E. 100 (paper of 10 l.e.) always in your pocket
7-      Shopping in Egypt:
The most well-known bazaar to get remarkable souvenirs is "Khan El Khalili Bazaar", inside that big bazaar you will find narrow streets including small workshops for leather, belly dancers' customs & accessories…
Here comes showing talent in bargaining & negotiating prices.
8-      Asking for help:
Always refer back to your travel agency, reception at your hotel if you need assistance, help or any inquiry
9-      Tipping in Egypt: Tipping is a very sensitive issue in Egypt. Be prepared for tipping so that it does not dent your budget. Tipping is expected, whether the service is good or not. However, that does not mean you have to do it …when people come to you, offering help which you don’t need, politely, but firmly tell them “No, thanks
10-   Miscellaneous: Carry small locks to use on your suitcases / backpacks…that way, you can leave valuables / cash behind in your hotel room, in peace. Many hotels will also have a safe box in the room, or at the reception……make use of them & leave behind passports, jewellery & money. Crowded areas like souqs could have pick-pockets & it is not advisable to carry everything on you. Of course, many people may also prefer to carry documents with them, in a secure pouch strapped to the waist.
Carry a photo-copy of your passport with you, at all times. Nobody ever asks you for it, it is just in case of emergencies. While travelling in convoys & climbing M.T. Sinai, you may be asked to carry original passports…..so check before you leave your hotel.



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