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Opening of New Suez Canal…Egypt Back on Track!!! | Blog

Opening of New Suez Canal…Egypt Back on Track!!!

Opening of New Suez Canal…Egypt Back on Track!!!


Egypt is counting down for the biggest festivity taking place where the promise of Egyptian President El-Sissi will be fulfilled just on time.
Ismailia City is well prepared for this event …the whole city will be celebrating and it is very attention-grabbing to know that the Nubian Singer "Mounir" or as we call him "The king" might be the main & official singer for this merriment.
"The New Suez Canal" will be unwrapped for two-way traffic on August 6th, exactly within a year after the aspiring plan was announced.
"The new waterway will be inaugurated on August 6…The entire project is Egyptian... the idea, the planning, and the funding... the project will once again put Egypt on the world investment map," head of the Suez Canal Authority Mr. Mohab Mameesh told reporters in the canal city of Ismailiya.
"As for workers they are not only digging and dredging, but also preparing the maritime path to be valid and secure for global navigation. We will not allow any ship to pass unless it has navigational security," Mameesh added...
“We will not allow any ship to pass unless it has navigational security,” Mameesh said, adding that Egyptian government hopes this 8-billion project will bring in an extra income. “People haven't slept... it's like a battle… It is boosting our self-confidence and we are hoping this project will return Egypt to the path for investment," he emphasized.
The new and the old canals lying in some 750 kilometers from each other are connected with four smaller waterways. Besides, there will appear six new tunnels in addition to the existing one, which will end the isolation of the Sinai Peninsula, putting it under better control of mainland Egypt. As Mameesh stated in the canal city of Ismailia, everything is ready, and as soon as the President el-Sissi “orders the start of navigation on August 6, ships will be able to go through the canal”.
Along the New Suez Canal Egyptian authorities plan to build an international commercial, industrial and logistical hub; its construction will take another five years.
Built in 1869, the Suez Canal is one of the most heavily used shipping lanes in the world; it has been a key source of international trade, earning Egypt billions of dollars annually.
Go Egypt Go!!!



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