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A Pharaonic Temple Discovered by Coincidence to the South of Cairo | Blog

A Pharaonic Temple Discovered by Coincidence to the South of Cairo

A Pharaonic Temple Discovered by Coincidence to the South of Cairo

An ancient Pharaonic Temple was discovered in Egypt this week by mere chance in Mit Rahina; situated to the South West of the Egyptian Capital Cairo. The Temple, dating back to the reign of Thutmose III 1500 years BC was unearthed by coincidence when an Egyptian man called Mohamed Abdel El Naby was digging beside his house to install a water pipe he found a historical panel and the remains of a large granite statue.
Osama Karar, the general coordinator of the Popular Front for defending antiquities in Egypt , stated that Abdel El Naby has informed the Front about his discovery and we convinced him to inform the authorities while guaranteeing his right for a fair compensation for his land. He added that we actually reported this incident to the Tourism police who informed the ministry of Antiquities that a new Pharaonic Temple was discovered.  
Karar added that the Front preferred to inform the tourism and antiquities police to guarantee the quick revelation  of the ancient temple due to the state of negligence the ministry of antiquities is passing through during this period.  He added that the tourism and antiquities police has created a security fence around the location of the newly discovered temple.
Furthermore, experts were able to excavate a granite statue of one of the army leaders that date back to the Middle Ages from the location of the temple. The water suction cars withdrew the water out of the location of excavation. Archeologists were able to unearth five historical panels and a large statue of the King Thutmose III.
In the same context, Dr. Mamdouh El Damaty, the Minster of Antiquities stated that a distinctive Pharaonic temple  was discovered in Mit Rahina and he added that some rock bounders with heliographic inscriptions were found with some of them dating back to the ruling period of Thutmose III in the 15th century BC.
The Egyptian Minister of antiquities noted that a committee which is associated to the Giza antiquities area is working for three days now to inspect the location of the new excavation mission and dry off the place out of the underground water. He asserted that 9 pieces of antiquities were discovered including seven wall frescos, the remains of the bases of some pink granite columns, and a granite statue of a man who is sitting with its height being around 2.5 meters.  
Afifi Rahim, the director of restoration of the Sun boat of Cheops project and one of the members of archeologists committee which is responsible for the excavation of the newly discovered temple, stated that they have reviewed the location of the temple and that the work was extremely difficult due to the underground water. However, he asserted that the excavation mission will continue working to unearth more treasures in the coming weeks.
About Tuthomose III
The Napoleon of ancient Egypt and the legendary Pharaoh of Egypt; Tuthomose III was one of the most successful and strongest kings of Egypt throughout its entire history. He established the first Egyptian empire in the middle of the 15th century BC due to his many successful military campaigns especially in Sham and Palestine.
After the death of famous Queen Hateshpsut, Tuthomose III had to go through many battles in Minor Asia in order to to retake control of this section of the Egyptian empire once again. on the other hand, Tuthomose had gone through many important military campaigns in the Western borders of Egypt as he was able to rule a large area in this section of Africa. During his reign the Egyptian empire extended from Euphrates River in The East, many section in Libya in the West, the shores of Phoenicia in the North, and the forth Cataract in the South. This was why he was considered the most powerful and successful army leader in ancient Egypt. 
This another reasons why discovering a temple near Cairo that dates back to the reign of this great Pharaoh has a significant importance from the historical aspect.



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