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A Natural Therapeutic Guide to Egypt (Part Two) | Blog

A Natural Therapeutic Guide to Egypt (Part Two)

A Natural Therapeutic Guide to Egypt (Part Two)

Egypt is featured with many distinctive characteristics. Among these, there are the many places that are suitable for natural therapeutic treatment. In Part one; we have explored many destinations in Egypt where therapeutic treatment has prospered in the past few years. We go on today in exploring even more destinations.

Siwa is one of the most distinguished destinations in Egypt. Being 300 kilometers to the Southwest of Marsa Matrouh, around 800 kilometers away from the Egyptian capital deep inside the Western Desert made Siwa preserve most of the traditions and customs the inhabitants that they have been loyal to for centuries.

Besides hosting some of the interesting historical monuments like the famous Alexander the Great Temple, Siwa is one of the most perfect places in Egypt for natural therapeutic tourism. Siwa is featured with its marvelous romantic mood, the purity of the air, and the moderate temperature.
Dakrour Mountain

Situated to the South East of Siwa, the Siwans consider it to be a sacred mountain and they have a festival carried out at the mountain in October every year where many people and tribes of the Western Desert of Egypt participate.
The mountain of Dakrour has been quite famous since ancient times for its benefits in curing Rheumatic diseases and the general feeling of weakness or debility.
The therapists at the mountain are usually Sheikhs who are specialists in burring the body under the sand for periods of time that range from 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day for two weeks; especially in the summer and in certain hours during day time. The Dakrour Mountain has also become more and more popular these days among Egyptians, Arabs, and tourists from various nationalities who visit Siwa for natural therapeutic tours.
The Hot Water springs of Siwa

Many Mineral water springs are spread in different sections in and around the Siwa Oasis. These are used for curing many diseases like Psoriasis, gastrointestinal illnesses, and rheumatic diseases.
The most famous water well in Siwa is called Chegar Spring where the temperature reaches 67 degrees. After analyzing the water of the well, it was asserted that it contains a number of menial and sulfur components which are similar to many other famous therapeutic resorts in the world. 
El Wadi El Gadid
The Governorate of El Wadi El Gadid is the largest region in Egypt and it occupies more than 37% of the total surface area of Egypt. El Wadi El Gadid has many historical monuments from different periods of the Egyptian history including the Pharaonic, Ptolemaic, Roman, Coptic, and Islamic periods.   
El Wadi El Gedid is featured with a wonderful weather all year long as it is usually dry and not humid, the sun is shining all day, and the air is extremely pure from all sorts of pollution.
The region is also rich with white smooth sand and medical herbs from which many medicines, oils, and perfumes are extracted. This vast governorate is also famous for hosting many natural springs with many valuable mineral components.
El Kharga Oasis - Bolak Water Spring

Situated around 30 kilometers to the South of the Kharga Oasis, the Bolak Spring is a deep-water spring with more than one thousand meters depth. Laboratory examinations have shown that the water of this spring contains many amazing minerals. This is besides the sand dunes surrounding the water spring which is quite beneficial in the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and some other bone diseases.
A new lounge has been established lately to serve the visitors of the Bolak Water Spring, which is not located far away from the touristic rout linking El Kharga Oasis with the town of Baris leading to Luxor afterwards.
El Kharga Oasis - The Nasser water wells

These water wells are located 18 kilometers to the South of El Kharga. The Nasser water wells consist of three water springs which water assemble in one large pool with the temperature of the water being around 28 degrees. The water of the wells is used in the treatment of many diseases including Rheumatic diseases, chronic pain, skin diseases, and digestive disorders.
El Dakhla Oasis
El Kharga Oasis - Mut Water Wells
Located only three kilometers away from the city of Mut; the capital of the Dakhla Oasis the water springs are more than 1200 meters deep into the ground.
This group of water springs is featured with their hot water being more than 43 degrees. The laboratory analysis carried out on the water showed that it is quite beneficial in the curing of Rheumatism, psoriasis and physical pain.
Two swimming pools were created beside these water wells; open for adults and the other is for children. The place also witnessed the opening of residential rooms, a restaurant, and a cafe. The Nasser Water wells are located on the touristic rout to many historical monuments. 
The Farafra Oasis
Bir Number Six
This deep water well is located only 6 kilometers to the West of the city of Farafra and the temperature of the water is around 24 degrees almost all year long. A touristic resort was established near the water well with a restaurant, a cafe, swimming pools, gardens, and many other facilities. 
The medical and therapeutical plants of El Wadi El Gedid
El Wadi El Gedid is home for many magnificent plants and herbs that include Publican, hibiscus and peppermint, which are all used in the treatment of Rheumatism. This is the besides the usage of mint in the curing of some digestive diseases.
There are also the Balanites which is used in the treatment of diabetes and Citrullus colocynthis which is a bitter tasting plant and it used to treat Rheumatism by heating the plant, cutting into two pieces, and positioning it on the place where the patient is feeling the pain.

One of the most popular touristic destinations in Egypt, Aswan with many sight seeing and wonderful views of the Nile would a wonderful place for a vacation.
Elephantine Island

One of the famous islands in Aswan, Elephantine Island witnesses the treatment of many diseases by burring the body in the sand especially in the period from March to October every year. During this period of the year, the sun is shining clearly in the sky which is suitable for this type of treatment.
Inside the Oberoi Resort Elephantine Island there is a natural therapeutic center where many experts in sports and physical therapy work. The resort also enjoys hosting wonderful Turkish sauna and steam baths. 
Isis Island Resorts

After many years of non-methodological approaches, it was noticed that patients suffering from Rheumatoid get better after spending some time in the Isis Island. Afterwards, the Egyptian National Research Center carried out methodological studies which affirmed the fact this. 
The Center has identified a therapeutic program for Rheumatoid which combines being buried in black sand and getting exposed to the sunrays for three weeks. This method had to be studied to identify the appropriate period to get the patients to be exposed to ultra violet rays in order to get the best benefit for the guests. The results were actually amazing and lead to a statistical value in treating Rheumatoid effectively.

Doctors refer this wonderful success to the intensive UV rays which are reflected from the mountains around the island and the water of the River Nile. This is besides the low percentage of humidity in Aswan making the most remarkable destination for the treatment of Rheumatic and respiratory diseases such as asthma.
Aswan is one of the most favorable resorts in the world. With its distinctive characteristics, the city is appropriate in the treatment of kidney, respiratory, and rheumatology diseases. Aswan has attracted many international medical institutions from around the world to study its climate and its features and scientific researches have asserted that Aswan enjoys a high level of UV rays.



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