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Medical Tourism
All of us would like to travel and get familiar with world updates. The Arab countries always surprise us with more tourism destinations that feature a diverse range of activities. As health is priceless, we will review medical tourism; a type of tourism that targets treatment.
Arab countries represent some of the most important medical tourism destinations worldwide, thanks to their special nature, including climate, water wells that contain all useful minerals for human body, in addition to deserts with their sands, especially black sand that used for treatment of bone diseases such as rheumatism.
The most renowned tourism destinations in Arab countries, in which you can achieve the goal of your medical trip:

Infertility, arteriosclerosis & rheumatism
Jordan is one of the famous Arab countries in medical tourism field. When you travel for treatment, Jordan tops the list of Arab countries that you should visit as it ranks first in medical tourism in the Mediterranean region. It also ranks fifth among world countries in terms of the beauty of nature.
Jordan is one of the best medical tourism destinations worldwide, receiving patients from more than 100 countries. 23% of those who seek medical tourism are headed over to Jordan. It’s worthy to note that Jordan's health sector could deal professionally with Arab Spring revolutions as 90,000 wounded Libyans, 50,000 Syrians were treated in Jordan. Further, a perfect control over epidemic and communicable diseases was achieved.
Jordan's prominent medical tourism destinations: Dead Sea, Ma'in Hot Springs & Hammamat Afra
Dead Sea
Imagine yourself as the only creator in a sea; this is true, no fish live in the Dead Sea due to its high salinity that represents a main factor in treatment of many diseases. You should know that some salts of the Dead Sea are used in manufacturing global cosmetics.
Ma'in Hot Springs
Skin diseases notably increased over the past period of time. As our skin is sensitive against radiations of all modern equipment that we use on a daily basis, bearing in mind that bone and joint diseases affect young and old people, Ma'in Hot Springs puts an end to such issue; you need to enjoy its hot waterfalls, at 50º C, with a salinity of more than 18%.
At 109 hot springs, 58km south Amman , the largest clinics and natural resorts in the Middle East are at your service.
Hammamat Afra
More than 15 hot springs, 26 km south Jordan, feature rich salt and sulfate that contribute to treat many diseases, including infertility, arteriosclerosis, anemia and rheumatism.
Back & Joints Pain, Eye diseases & Obesity
In the holy Quran, Allah says, “We made from water every living thing."
Life is known for diversity; there are various creatures and different types of water, especially in Tunisia. Tunisia ranks second among world countries in medial tourism. Despite political circumstances over the past 3 years in Tunisia that was the first country in "Arab Spring" revolutions, it maintained its leading position among world countries in the medical tourism field.
Tunisia has 42 water springs, containing salt and sulfate that help treatment from many illnesses. It seems that each country is distinguished with a certain type of water that plays a vital role in treatment of specific diseases, e.g. Tunisian water contributes to treat obesity, back and joint pain. The most renowned Tunisian water springs are (Bourguiba, Gabal El-Wasat, Qrbes and Djerba).
It is worth mentioning that 19 healthcare projects were developed in Tunisia, including centers, stations, and therapeutic springs. “Markeb El-Saleheen” is one of the prominent healthcare centers that you can visit; a tourist ship that offers medical and cosmetic services in Jendouba province. Your trip to Tunisia will be full of surprises.
Tunisia is a well-known country for its medical tourism, not only in the Arab region, but in Europe as well; Britain sends 3000 patients a year to Tunisia for treatment, covering some critical surgeries, such as organ transplants, kidney and heart, in addition to plastic surgeries, orthoptics, cornea transplant and treatment, and other operations.
Heart, Caner & Cosmetology
In Lebanon, it’s different, with a special taste of nature; the country represents a masterpiece created by Allah, where you find forests, mountains, rivers, hills and blue heaven. On 300 sunny days every year, you can enjoy a beach spanning 200 km. Lebanon has161 healthcare facilities, including 7 university hospitals, providing 15,000 beds and 13,000 hotel rooms besides many housing units, putting the country on the Arab & global maps of medical tourism.
Lebanon tops Arab countries in treatment of heart, cancer, thinness, cosmetology, and natural treatments. 
Heart, Kidney, Rheumatism & Allergic Skin Diseases 
Egypt is indeed the mother of all nations. If you would like to enjoy the taste of travel, make amazing memories, then you should pay a visit to Egypt. When you are in Egypt, ask about anything you need and you will simply have it. If you seek civilization, art, history, monuments, music, public markets, natural landscapes, safari, or medical tourism, you are definitely looking for Egypt. As we discuss medical tourism today, let's have a brief on the prominent medical tourism destinations in Egypt.
Water & Sand
Egypt has scores of water wells and springs containing mineral and sulfur at a temperature of 30-73º C. Clinical studies indicate that such water contains highest sulfate rates in the world, besides a number of minerals that strongly contribute to treatment, such as sodium carbonate, in addition to some metals like iron and magnesium.
Siwa Oasis is one of Egypt's remarkable places that feature water wells and springs used for treatment of many illnesses such as psoriasis, digestive system diseases and rheumatism. Kegar well is one of the most renowned wells in Siwa Oasis, at a temperature of 67º C.
Egypt and Czech...Two Sides of The Same Coin
As mentioned above, Kegar well is the most famous well in Siwa Oasis; physicians analyzed its water and affirmed that it contains the same percentage of mineral salt and sulfate of the global medical resort of Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.
Egypt's black sand
Dear reader, if you suffer rheumatism, joints infiltration, dermatitis, heart, liver, tuberculosis; your travel destination should be Safaga, where you can enjoy the excellent nature that features water and sand. Safaga sand contains three useful radioactive elements (uranium, thorium and potassium), as it features most metal elements besides high salt of gold that significantly help in treatment of rheumatoid. Furthermore, Safaga water is distinguished with the bromine that does not cause allergic skin diseases.  
Alternative medicine in Egypt
When we have the choice, of course we prefer natural treatments to chemical ones that negatively affect our health. Nothing is more important than health, we should not hesitate about travelling to Egypt, heading over to the desert, at Farafra Oasis, or far south to Elephantine Island, as both areas are rich with herbs and natural plants that strongly contribute to cure from different diseases. Herbs are used for rheumatism, digestive system illnesses, diabetes, constipation and kidney diseases.
In fact, treatment with herbs and natural plants represents the alternative medicine. Egypt's heritage covers many books about the alternative medicine, written by some of prominent scientists such as Ibn Sina and Ahmed Bin Rashied.
Plastic surgeries at lower prices
Plastic surgeries in Egypt are 70% less in cost, compared to US, e.g. liposuction from thigh costs around $ 260 in Egypt and $ 3000 in USA.
Yemen is known for its unique volcanic mud that achieves astonishing results in treatment of many diseases. What makes Yemen distinguished among other volcanic countries is the climate that plays a vital role in the process of mud maturity, which represents a good material for treatment. Mud maturity requires a long time in a special climate. For example, Germany is rich with volcanic mud but its climate is not helpful at all because of the cold weather; thus, the German volcanic mud is not used in medical tourism, compared with Yemen that enjoys an appropriate climate.
Diseases Treated with Mud
Scores of diseases are treated with mud; therefore, we will review some them:
Spinal cord damages, paralysis, complications of marrow damages, chronic back pain, nervous system diseases and complications, rheumatism, joint diseases, infertility, vascular occlusion, prostate inflammation, psoriasis, acne, vitiligo, dermatitis and other diseases.
How can mud perfectly treat of all these diseases???
Mud is the soil of plants; when any plant dies, all cells try hard to help it survive so they produce powerful biological stimulants that stay in the mud; therefore, mud becomes a substance with biological stimulants that are extremely useful for human health, besides, it is a volcanic mud so it is full of minerals and sulfate.
Medical tourism in Yemen features mineral water springs that contain high levels of salt, minerals and sulfate that are very useful for health. Among these springs are (Oyoun Tabala, Sobier, Alhamy, Hamam El-Oudy, Hamam El-Dardoush, Hamamat Damt, Hamam El-Hassan)
The land of golden sand and extended beaches on the Mediterranean; Libya enjoys an attractive nature, where you can find oasis, mountains, sunny and healthy climate and hot water springs. Despite this beautiful nature, Libya joined the field of medical tourism recently, but it succeeded in acquiring a good position among Arab countries in such field.
Libya’s most important locations of natural treatment
(Capron Lake & Jalo Oasis)
Jalo Oasis
One of the renowned natural therapy centers in Libya, thanks to its beautiful nature, including golden soft sand that effectively helps cure from rheumatism, joint and back pain. Its climate as well contributes in treatment of respiratory system diseases.   
United Arab Emirates
UAE is one of the prominent Arab countries in terms of medical tourism; that's because of its unmatched nature, where tourists enjoy desert, mineral water springs and healthy sunny weather. Moreover, Emirates is keen to generously allocate money for developing all state-owned institutions, especially hospitals. "Beauty Land" healthcare center is one of the famous medical facilities worldwide, located in Emirates.
Ein El-Fayda and sulfate spring lakes represent some of the renowned natural therapy in Emirates. Hafeet Mountain is also distinguished with its mineral water that used in many medical purposes.
In conclusion, we hope you like our medical tourism tour in the Arab region, and the detailed information about such field. God bless you all. 



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