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Isn’t it Time for Egypt to Rise? | Blog

Isn’t it Time for Egypt to Rise?

Isn’t it Time for Egypt to Rise?

Egyptian, mostly spending more than earning; not because of being a jerk, its due to the current circumstances of almost all of us. He is put under different types of pressures with various themes, yet he is able to alter and transform each and every single item on earth to best serve his needs; and with the least recourses available. We have this god granted ability to deal with anything created by the lord and make the best out of it!
We can adapt with any conditions whatsoever! You find Egyptians in the North Pole and at the equator, in Canada, Germany, USA, China, Nicaragua, Botswana, the Christmas Islands, Saint Lucia, and Lesotho. If they ever discover life in Mars, scientists would discover that they, in some point in time, actually emigrated from Egypt!
We pass through times of distresses, periods of full of doubts concerning the future, so what's new? Literally what is new?! This has been in every chapter of the Egyptian history for more than 7000 years; from prehistoric eras, passing through periods of glory in some points and moments of failure in others! 
Life is not about not losing; it’s about the ability to rise fast, sound, and strong! Isn’t it time to begin our first steps towards tomorrow we are all dreaming of!?
Putting aside the fact that I completely oppose many of his decisions and policies, I will borrow some words from Mubarak! “I am Egyptian, I have lived most of my life in in Egypt, and when I die I will be buried in Egypt.” Therefore, for all of us, I think its time to make it a better place!

Egyptian Economy 
There have been doubts and debates concerning every single issue in Egypt in the past three years more than any other period in the modern history of the land of the Nile.
In Egypt, always ask  why and who, before what?! I mean each person has a belief deep inside which influences the way he perceives matters and how they describe them!
In fact, there are always two sides of a coin. There are even numerous faces and ways of describing and analyzing any incident or governmental decision in Egypt. It all depends on where you stand!
The most difficult problem we face in Egypt today is that we support individual and not decisions or policies, we like or hate people whatever they do or react, and we criticize the actions of certain figures even if we are 100% sure they are done for the benefit of the country simply because we dislike them!
Describing the economical conditions in Egypt nowadays would be quite a difficult task! Some experts believe, sooner or later, we will be facing an economic crisis. While on the other hand, many consultants think that Egypt is passing through a tough transitory period but the economy is actually moving into the right direction towards growth and development.
In his article in the New York Times last month which was entitled “The Real Middle East Crisis Is Economic,” Michael Singh, the managing director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy clearly supported president Obama when the later said that “the crisis gripping Iraq as partly an economic one, noting that Iraqi Sunnis were “detached from the global economy” and thus frustrated in achieving their aspirations”.
Singh based his article on some figures and he took Egypt as an example. "According to the World Bank, in 1965, Egypt’s per-capita gross domestic product was $406, while China’s was merely $110. Today (using constant dollars), Egypt’s G.D.P. has increased four-fold to $1,566, whereas China’s has increased thirty-fold to $3,583.
However, Singh never neglected the political influence on the economic conditions of the Middle East when he stated in the conclusion of his article that “It would be naïve to think that economic growth will solve all of the Middle East’s thorny dilemmas; but it would be equally naïve to believe that they can be solved without it.
First we would warmly thank Obama for this piece of information. However, at the end of the day, this was the opinion of an American expert who commented on the interview held with the American president. These people do not comprehend the Egyptian mentality and soul. They have some benefits everywhere on earth and would do anything to secure them”.
According to the HSBC report issued this year about Egypt, reviewed in the Daily News Egypt  “Real export growth is expected to gradually recover in 2014 after two years of significant weakness, reflecting improved political stability, the benefit of inflows of Gulf aid, as well as a bounce-back from a low base”. In the next six months, Europe will be the most promising region for trade, according to the report. This is one optimistic report which clearly include some solid figures based on studies and researches. This is an international opinion let us say which supports the concept that Egypt is moving towards success.

In “the Global Competitiveness Report 2013 – 2014” The World Economic Forum, has placed Egypt in the 142 position among 144 nations according to the size of the government budget deficit. As a matter of fact, this piece of information was actually published by the Forum in its report. However, only one agency was interested to translate it into Arabic and publish it; the Freedom and Justice Gate. I don't think there is a need to answer the “who and why” questions for this case! It is clear the real inner intentions of the writer!

The New Suez Canal
Let us take a look at Egypt’s number one national project in 2014, and many years to come, the new Suez Canal project. As anything else in Egypt, there are actually two points of views concerning this massive project.
In an article entitled “Questions remain on Egypt’s Suez Canal project,” published in Al Monitor, the author believed that the Egyptian administration is expecting too much from this project. 
The goal of the new canal is simply to have a two-ways channel which can accomidate double the number of vesesls. Omar al-Shenety, chief operating officer of Multiples Investment Group and an economist disagreed with this when he told Al Monitor “I cannot confirm that digging the new canal to increase [the canal’s] capacity, and thus allow the navigation of a larger number of vessels, will bring about a significant boom in the canal’s projected revenues.  Doubling the number of vessels passing through the Suez Canal is primarily linked to the global trade movement, which increases by 2-3% in regular periods”
Tarek Othman, an Egyptian author wrote in his article named

?” He supported the decision of General El Sisi when he stated that this project entails significantly enlarging three ports in the Suez Canal area, creating two new ones in Sinai, developing an industrial and technological area close to the Canal city of Ismailia, and increasing the capacity of the Sharm el-Sheikh airport. This highly ambitious project has the potential of overhauling the entire Suez Canal – and Sinai – region, and creating a major and advanced logistical corridor.
If this mega project materialises, it would not only add to the country’s economy, but would also result in a major development of the whole of Egypt’s north-eastern region, and likely a significant increase in the percentage of the population living in the area.
Now let us perceive things that way, stability, since the period of Senfru, the builder of the first real proper pyramid in Egypt, creates development. No one would ever deny this fact. El Sisi, during his electoral campaign and up till today, stated that he has no more important challenge but to create a victory in the economical scope and improve the lives of the Egyptians.
With all due respect to all economical experts in Egypt and abroad, Sisi was in fact able to gather all the Egyptians to believe in one national project that would, at this point in time or another, become of great benefit for Egypt. Selling shares with a total amount of 61 billion EGP in less than 10 days is actually a beginning of a successful project that we are sure the Egyptians would brilliantly achieve.




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