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Why People From India Like Egypt As A Destination | Blog

Why People From India Like Egypt As A Destination

Why People From India Like Egypt As A Destination

Lady Egypt Tours’ Director and Sales team are currently in India attending the SATTE Travel show in New Delhi, followed by the OTM Show in Mumbai. Together with Egyptian professionals of the travel industry seeing the need to meet with Indian travel agents, as well as the latest declaration by Luxor Governor early January 2014 that more than one million Indian tourists are estimated to visit Egypt between 2014 and 2016.

What attracts Indians to travel to Egypt? For one, it has become a prime honeymoon destination with its magnificent Red Sea Resorts. The location of the country also simplifies traveling from Asia. It is more convenient for people from the Asian continent to spend time in Egypt either as a standalone holiday, or a short stay as part of a connection to other destinations. During these short stays the Indian visitors take full advantage of the shopping opportunities, whether souvenirs or clothing.

We have also noticed that families enjoy choosing Nile Cruise holidays. This includes parents with young children, or the other way around, adults inviting their elderly parents for luxurious cruises and cultural holidays. The younger Indian generation show big interest in safari tours through the various stretches of desert that Egypt has to offer.

There certainly are historical ties between the two countries and the cultural synergy amplifies the interest amongst Indians of different ages. The similarities in religion, culture of hospitality, certain cuisine and entertainment definitely adds to a homecoming away from home while on their holidays. In a certain sense, they feel less foreign upon arrival.

With Egypt’s sites and beaches being chosen as top ten in the world by a major online travel forum, it makes perfect sense to market the country for all forms of tourism. Even before the political climax of 2011, the country has been relatively well priced for decent holidays. It is even more so now that companies are doing their best to bring back the multitude of tourists the country experienced up until the end of 2010.

Although classical culture holidays together with Nile Cruise vacations are favored, our aim at the travel shows in India is to expose our wide range of other forms of travel in Egypt. The religious tours are unique in the sites visited and the form of guiding of the tour. We also focus on beach holidays, safaris and family tours. There are even group departures available.

Indian businesses have become a force to be reckoned with, which is why our corporate events services, also known as Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events (MICE) is an important aspect to bring under the Indian travel market’s attention.

Both private sector and the government of Egypt are doing their utmost best to restore tourism in Egypt. One of the plans to encourage more Indian travelers to Egypt is to simplify the visa process. Travel agents are bargaining the most competitive rates and we hope that all our efforts will not go unnoticed. We are opening the doors even wider for the Indian traveling nation to set foot on our Pharaohnic land. 



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