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Getting Egypt Back On Track

Getting Egypt Back On Track

The past week has seen quite a number of publications of tour companies arranging fam trips to the Red Sea in the hopes of restoring the world’s confidence in returning to Egypt as a holiday destination. It is clear that most tour operators, if not all, are clearly committed to Egypt as a destination and are keen on opening avenues for agents to explore and experience the country’s holiday hot spots for themselves.
Further good news streamed in through the week when twelve countries lifted their travel warnings associated with Egypt. It was only a matter of time before Russia would do the same. Top traveling  countries in Europe such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Holland are among those countries.
The Tourism Minister also explained in an interview that Europe contributed to seventy percent of the tourism income whilst the Gulf countries contributed up to twenty percent. Their focus was to re-establish trust with these two markets. They were in the process of installing live web cameras to tourism spots to increase the feeling of security among the travelers.
In a recent media forum held in Luxor in Upper Egypt, the chairman of the Foreign Press Association in Egypt said that Luxor was chosen as the tourism capital of the globe. That alone should boost the people’s desire to choose Egypt as their next holiday destination. During the forum, a significant amount of money was handed to the people living in Luxor to make up for their losses during the decline of tourism not only in Luxor, but in the country.
There is a general anticipation that not only large, international tour companies, but local operators too, will be taking all means of initiatives to attract tourists and business women to return to the ancient land of the Pharaohs. 



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