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Egypt wins the best promising Tourist destination award | Blog

Egypt wins the best promising Tourist destination award

Egypt wins the best promising Tourist destination award

As a significant part of its comprehensive plan to regain Egypt's normal tourist traffic, Egyptian ministry of tourism intend to carry out massive promotional and advertising efforts in the upcoming short time interval.
In the press conference held by Mr. Adel EL Masry: The director of the official Egyptian tourism bureau in India, to celebrate Egypt win of the best promising tourist destination award, Mr. Adel expressed his thanks and gratitude to all presence for their substantial support for the office's promotional efforts and activities in India. Then he explained the nature of the current touristic condition and how Egypt's tourist stature was negatively affected by the unfolding political events taking place in Egypt. He also pointed out the critical democratic transformation evolving in Egypt at the moment and stated that Egypt still a great destination for tourists from all over the world and that there are many magnificent tourist destination in Egypt rather than  just Cairo on the contrary to what some people think, such as the Nile cruises and the abundant wonderful sights and Pharaonic monuments in Luxor and Aswan, in addition to the premium tourist resorts in  the city of Hurghada and in the renowned city of Sharm El-Sheikh. As well, he pointed out the incredible efforts made by Egyptian ministry of tourism with the coordination with its offices all over the world to regain Egypt's normal tourist traffic rate as soon as possible.
Moreover, the chairman stated that the official Egyptian tourism bureau in India is willing to cooperate even more in the upcoming time periods with Indian tourism companies and different types of media to market and promote Egypt as a terrific destination for tourists, also to inform them about the diversified kinds of tourism Egypt offers to its dear visitors from all around the world. In addition, he stressed the office intentions to introduce and highlight the newest and hottest tourist locations in Egypt particularly the ones that attract Indian tourists, taking into consideration the fact that the percentage of Indian tourists visiting Egypt every year comparing to Egypt's overall annual tourist figure is indeed a considerable percentage. 
Worthy mentioning that the press conference was attended by a number of Indian tourism ministry officials, the executive officers of the major tourism companies in India and representatives of tour companies and travel and tourism agencies in addition to various types of mass media whether print, broadcasting or digital media. 



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