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Touring Egypt in style

Touring Egypt in style

One great way to relax and enjoy the tour of Egypt is by the Cairo to Luxor Nile cruise. The cruise on the river Nile to Lake Nasser is one thrill of a lifetime. On the deck of the cruise ship, you can get an amazing opportunity to witness the marvels of your life!
Through temples

On Lake Nasser, there is a Great Temples of Abu Simbel for Ramses II. Also, the Small temple of Abu Simbel is also located along the way. It dates way back to Egyptian peak, when pharaohs reigned. Now they are moved to the UNESCO site, when Aswan Dam endangered water level rising. It was under the danger of being submerged. They were carved out from the mountainside. There are motorboats, which takes the tourists on shorter trips as well.
The place where cruise ships leave for Aswan is the Luxor East Bank. The cruise ships have loads of facilities and they are high class. They have state of the art luxury facilities and make their way easily. The guest suites are extremely cozy and air conditioned. They have king size beds and terrific restaurants to speak of.
There are bars on board as well. After Luxor, the tourists will pass the Valley of the Kings on Edfu and Kom Ombo. On the way to Aswan, the Temple of Sobek and Hareoeris are quite visible.

Visiting the pharaohs
The cruise ships also run vice versa and hence, the journey also runs in reverse. After reaching Aswan, one can see the southernmost borders with a place called Nubia. The Kitchener’s Island is full of beautiful and exotic plants. They are in the middle of the river. The cruise ships are the best and most beautiful way of looking at River Nile. It takes three days to four days. Also, a Boat can be taken from Aswan to Abu Simbel. The Temple of Armada and Temple of Wadi El Subua are also located along the way. One can stop at the villages named New Gurma and Old Gurma. A person can spend hours at after reaching the Valley of Kings.
The Valley of the Kings is very old and dates back to 16th century or 11th century. It was the necropolis of the Pharaohs back then. After passing through barren landscape and sandy hills and dunes, one can reach the middle of the valley where one can visit many tombs over here, which includes the likes of Ramses I and Ramses III.
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