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Luxury holidays in Egypt where delight never ends | Blog

Luxury holidays in Egypt where delight never ends

Luxury holidays in Egypt where delight never ends

Egypt is the most popular and sought after destination of the world. The capital city of Egypt is very intoxicating, noisy and total chaos ensues at all times of the day. Cairo is the biggest city of Africa. It is alive and full of life with seventeen million people inhabiting it.
There are many streets, numerous mosques and markets to explore. There are coffee houses and belly dancing shows at night. The cultural surprises don’t end with ferry trips of the River Nile.
Sail on the cosmic waters
Sailing on cruise ships on the River Nile is one thrill of a lifetime. Along the way, there are many unknown, but beautiful temples on the shore of River Nile. A ferry trip runs regularly from Aswan to Luxor and it reveals a picture of daily life on the shore of River Nile. The farmers are working in the fields and the sound of Azan is prominent.
Relax on the deck of the cruise ship and watch the world go by. There are some historic temples along the way such as:
1: Temple of Ramses
2: Temple of Abu Simbel
3: Valley of the Kings
These temples are a sight to behold. At Luxor, many artifacts of the Pharaohs are on display. Many more are available at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
The fun never ends
Red Sea is a famous and popular travel destination in Egypt. The world’s best coral reefs are on the shoreline of Sinai Peninsula.
Sharm El Sheikh is a wondrous luxury hotel built for entertainment purposes. It is a famous hotel known to most foreign tourists. One can always sink in the underwater adventures which are provided by Ras Mohammed National Park. It is also provided by Blue Hole at Dahab. On Red Sea, there are terrific and wonderful snorkeling activities apart from diving. There are loads of fish, sharks, turtles and tropical fish in Red Sea. It is the most pleasant experience of a tourist’s life.
Last but not the least
In the center of Cairo city is Egyptian Museum, which draws loads of visitors and has thousands of relics. The golden mask of Tutankhamun is prominent here. The mask was owned by the most famous Pharaoh of them all. His tomb was found in 1922. Giza is outside Cairo city and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. They are a must see for every tourist.



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