facebook Travel to Egypt with family for one week add treasures to your memoir to relish later | Blog - Lady Egypt Tours

Travel to Egypt with family for one week add treasures to your memoir to relish later | Blog

Travel to Egypt with family for one week add treasures to your memoir to relish later

Travel to Egypt with family for one week add treasures to your memoir to relish later

Egypt is incessantly ranking at the top for tourism each and every year. The country utterly connects the African and Asian regions across the Suez through the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt plays a pivotal part in the ideal and ancient relationships between the eastern, western African-American, European countries, Japan and the more direct Middle East for more than 5000 years, when the earliest Empire of Egypt subsisted. In addition to this, the rich land of Egypt offers the willing visitors, an assortment of flourishing international places, luxurious red Sea hotels, legendary oases and lots and lots of kilometers of ancient monuments along with the striking desert and many contemporary places. So it can be pertained that the mystifying land has much beyond the horizon!
Egypt is a place to be visited by every enthusiast, but it is even a better host for families. In order to increase correlation with the family and get rid from your lackluster life and take rest, make a family visit to Egypt.
Egypt is one of the top most frequently visited places in the world today, which is located in northern African region and is among the preferred vacationer termini around the globe with fantastic typical monuments, rich traditional destinations and actions. No other country on the face of the earth comes even nearer to the dazzling locations like Egypt. So, if you are preparing to go to Egypt, then below are some beautiful places where you can have a time of your life with your families.
Cairo: the capital:-
Cairo has been the capital of Egypt for at least few hundred years. The hotels it offers are state of the art. It has some of the versatile five hotels in the world and some of these hotels are overlooking Nile River and Giza Pyramids. The hotels are ultra-modern and chic.
The Giza Plateau is at least thirty minutes from city of Cairo. The tour guide will surely show you the three major pyramids, which are Cheops, Khafre and Menakaure. There is a ticket for entering these pyramids and the tour guide is not allowed inside. Adding to your knowledge; donot take the camael ride for sake because it also bears a ticket.
The Cairo skyline is seen in the background making the plateau a perfect place for photography. A short drive brings the great Sphinx in front of you. For thousands of years, it has been nothing short of an enigma. It has been an icon of Egyptian history.
 There is a Solar Boat Museum located in the neighborhood containing the boat of Khufu well preserved. The next destination is Sakkara, which is the oldest Egyptian pyramid. It was made in 2650 BC. One can walk around the pyramid since it is a step pyramid. The Papyrus Institute is also a great place to visit while on a trek.
The final destination can be Memphis, which was a capital of Egypt. The mystifying place has artifacts of the kings of Egypt such as the fallen statue of Ramses II. 
The camel drive is another act including up in the record of must do’s and is amongst the biggest fascination for the guests viewing Cairo. This is actually an exclusive encounter to have a drive on a camel in the forests, with the Fantastic Pyramids in the background. But be informed that some of these hustlers will try and get as much out of the uninformed visitor as possible. Negotiate with a few of them before the real drive. The problem with many of these local hustlers is that respectful customer assistance actions is usually not the problem of many because they think that most guests have mountains of cash. So, if you want have fun with your camel drive in the right price range then be very intelligent while working with them.
The Semiramis Inter-Continental Hotel
This hotel is just like the Hilton hotels, Marriotts and Sheraton. It was one of the first hotels built in Egypt. The hotel is purely western styled and a hub for tourists from Europe. The western tourists are contented and feel at home in this hotel. The added point is that the hotel is situated as such that it serves as a central point for many locations in the Cairo city. The hotel is utterly amusing and surprising.
Movenpick Hotel
The Movenpick Hotel is also another splendid hotel in the Cairo city and amongst the unsurpassed hotels to stay with your families. It is also found in many European cities by the way and hence it is in Egypt too. The Movenpick hotels are spread all across Germany and Switzerland. There are hotels in Italy, Netherlands, France and Czech Republic. In Egypt, the hotels are in Aswan, Luxor and Cairo.
Cairo does not end up on historical fascination, but is also popular for its contemporary magnetism. You can find the traditional locations and way of life of Coptic on an individual trip through Old Cairo. Examine out Abu Serga, where the Holy family members stayed and Ben Ezra that is one of the first synagogues in Cairo. You can get an impressive opportunity to understand about the history of Christianity in this part of the world. Viewing the Holding Cathedral is an encounter in itself. You must make a stopover to the Coptic Art gallery. It happens to be an awesome position.
The global visitors of Cairo need not to worry about their real estate. The town contains a variety of locations for comfortable real estate which varies from high-class hotels to many cost-effective living locations. They deal up with the best possible needs of the visitors.
Although Cairo is considered as a conventional position but that does not mean that there are no elements of modern way of life these days. There are a lot of bars, betting homes, groups etc. The aspect of protection should be given important significance while preparing a professional trip to Cairo in Egypt, because no one wishes to be put their families in danger especially when on a vacation. One should always be aware of the surroundings by considering the personal activities around you. Children are often sent by their mother and father to beg for money and make initiatives at little scams like creating initiatives of robberies and things like that. So just be a little cautious. By just being a little aware and cautious, your trip to Cairo will become an enjoyable encounter that you will appreciate later in the days to come.
City of Luxor:-
The city of Luxor is termed as world’s best open air museum. It has been raised to status of Governorate. It is in the province of Qena. The population of Qena is 230,000. Most of the people are working in tourism, while some are in commerce and agriculture. It is a hot spot for tourists from USA and UK. All the tourists companies have an office in Luxor.
It has been calculated that Luxor does contain world’s monuments and antiquities and it is thus the most important tourist sites in Egypt.
Places of visit
1: The Luxor temple
2: Karnak Temple
3: valley of the Kings
4: Valley of the queens
5: Deir EL Bahri
In this amazing town, a person has to at least spend one week to experience and complete the whole city.
It was called Thebes and seems to be an important city in ancient Egypt history. It was a capital in Pharaoh’s period of kingship. The town is dominated by:
1: Temple of Luxor
2: Temple of Karnak
They are both a class apart.
Temple of Karnak
The temple of Karnak was dedicated to Amun Ra and it was expanded by consequent pharaohs. The tribute to god was added and added by each king. People think that Luxor was called Thebes but ancient Egyptian texts show it as t-apt and Greeks call it tea pie. Arabs had pronunciation problems so called it Thebes. The area was covered by sand until it was discovered in tenth century.
Luxor was the capital of Upper Egypt and not of the United Egypt.
The population of Luxor is 150,000 and it is governed by special status, which makes it eligible for more autonomy than other parts of Egypt. Many government and other buildings are built in the old world’s architecture.
The National Bank of Egypt is located near Winter Palace Hotel and the spa near the police station is some examples. The railway station is also designed in the pharaoh style. All of this has been constructed during the Egyptianization of the town. The discovery of Tomb of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter was the reason. The luxury city has everything a tourist needs and that includes many bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Hotels are abundant here. It is a historical city and the architecture prevailing is also same. The same cannot be said about hotels.
The Temple of Luxor was built by Amenophis III. It is on the east bank, heading towards Sharia al-Karnak, down south, linked to Karnak Temple by a street called dromos.  It was lined with Sphinxes. The dromos has been well maintained. Also, there is a Roman chapel made from burnt bricks of a god called Serapis. Near the police station is the oldest mosque in Luxor located down the road. It is called the El Mekashkesh Mosque. It has remains of an Islamic saint, who was deemed as a monk before he converted to Islam. The mosque is a famous pilgrimage location. There is a Franciscan Church with schools. Boys and girl schools are normally seen detached here. This place also boasts a great Coptic Basilica.
Heading towards the Nile Corniche leads to the Mummification Museum that is just opposite to the Mena Palace Hotel. It has all the information regarding mummification. From here one can head towards the Karnak Temple.  The Luxor Museum is halfway to Karnak that is a quite eventful tourist destination. The museum is diminutive and the artifacts are from nearby locations providing a great insight into Egypt. It can thus be concluded that visiting Luxor city is an educational and well-rounded experience.
The Luxor city is also topped by some fine and unsurpassed hotels providing a complete package to you and your families. Here are a few hotels located in the Luxor city:
1: Hotel New Winter and Pavilion Palace
2: Akhetaton Hotel village
3: Gaddis hotel
4: El Moudira hotel
5: Sonesta St George hotel
6: Sofitel Winter Palace
7: Sofitel Karnak Luxor
8: Pyramisa Isis Hotel Luxor
9: Maritim Jolie Ville Luxor Island Resort
10: Hilton Luxor hotel
The visit to Egypt in totality is that of pure luxury and historical significance. While in Egypt mark yourself with the ever durable reminiscences by viewing the utmost mystifying places the country has to offer. Make sure you make the most out of your trip with your family in Egypt!



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