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Touring Jordan and Egypt a brief preliminary guide | Blog

Touring Jordan and Egypt a brief preliminary guide

Touring Jordan and Egypt a brief preliminary guide

Jordan and Egypt are complementary destinations as they are close to each other. These two countries are neighbors and have a multifaceted history. They share an intricate history and travelers are startled by the extent of familiarity the two behold. Egypt and Jordan have their own landmarks; some being manmade while others are natural.
The tour of Egypt and Jordan is a faith based holiday as it offers biblical sights of the ancient two countries. While in Egypt, the pyramids of Egypt and Cairo city are mainly the centre of attraction. A connoisseur tour guide is required for exploring these two countries in the right spirit.

An allure for people from decades:
Jordan and Egypt are countries that have mesmerized people all over the ages and so is the case today. Tourists from all over the world are enthralled by sights in Egypt and Jordan. The pyramids of Giza, pharaohs, sphinx and rich culture of Egypt continues to surprise and mesmerize people while Jordan fascinates its visitors by its remarkable heritage. Jordan is a country, which is steeped in history and clutches many religious sites.

Routes to itinerary- a little tit bit to note!
Jordan can be arrived at from Egypt via land and sea. By land, it is possible to reach Jordan by entering Israel. Eilat a seven kilometer long strip is Israel’s only access to the Red Sea. If you prefer to chose the land medium to make your excursion then let us tell you that the taxi drive will take only twenty minutes with a budget of twelve dollars.
It must be noted that the USA, Canadian and American citizens can enter Israel’s territory easily. No visa is needed. However, a departure tax of fourteen dollars has to be paid.

Swaying between the perplexing terrains
Another solution is the sea; The Gulf of Aqaba is a passageway from Egypt to Jordan. A ferry is normally employed to travel along the gulf and astoundingly, a ferry is a faster medium to reach Jordan as compared to any taxi or land travel. One can also chose to visit both countries via a single flight. You can use The Royal Jordan as well as Egypt Air lines for the purpose.
To state a fact, Egypt and Jordan are the two destinations around the globe that have maneuvered the people over form eras and will persist to do so for centuries. The affluent Egyptian culture and prehistoric heritage of the mesmerizing Jordan makes the region an allure that continues to draw increasingly travelers each and every year.
So if you have made your choice to visit these bravura lands then book your tours with us now! WE at ladyegypt.com can design your Egypt to Jordan Tour in the most fantastic way ever possible. Starting from the astounding Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings and Queens, down the Nile in a felucca cruise you will be given numerous prospects to enjoy the moments of your life. After the relaxing time at the Red Sea your tour dish will be topped with the classy Jordan that proffers the most striking City of Petra, coastal Aqaba and enthralling desert safaris of the Wadi Rum. So give us the honor to serve you at our best!



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