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The Best luxurious travel to Egypt add spice to your temptations | Blog

The Best luxurious travel to Egypt add spice to your temptations

The Best luxurious travel to Egypt add spice to your temptations

A luxury holiday in Egypt is nothing out of anticipation. The rich, mystifying land is a mix of medieval bazaars, historical artifacts and monuments. It has remained an epic for tourist for many years with the Pyramids of Giza being the iconic wonders of the world.
Apart from the busy streets and people in the city of Cairo, there is colossal amount of gold placed in the corridors of the Cairo Museums. There are beautiful mosques and prized places of learning. The temples of Luxor are a treat to watch with countless places to visit like the Karnak temple, the Valley of the Kings and big tombs of Abu Simbel. The natural assets of Egypt are tantalizing. There are iron clad mountains and wind polished rocks as well as shiny underwater life of the Red Sea. Talking with residents at coffeehouse is yet another mesmerizing aspect adding spice to your temptations.
Egypt has numerous amusement prospects; from the ancient era thrillers to the most modern fascinations. The trip can be luxurious and compelling if you do a little homework at home before your departure and make the perfect selection.
Egypt has a large assortment of hotels accommodating every budget. Let us examine some luxury hotels in Egypt
1: Le Riad
The deluxe begins at Le Riad which is a diminutive, breathtaking hotel situated in the heart of Cairo. The hotels offers a luxurious welcome to its guests with beautifully furnishing interiors and highly hospitable staff.  Le Riad has a wonderful roof terrace for breakfast where the morning sun awaits the honored guests.
The hotel was inaugurated in 2009 and is the coolest hotels of them all. It stands tall in the center of Cairo’s old quarter, situated in the most vibrant place in Cairo. There are vast suits and striking sculpture at your disposal. The colors and bathrooms are chic and stylish blending down in your taste. The sublime roof terrace is where one can sit on a sofa and watch the hassles of the city. There are distant hills, citadels and minarets in plain view with ancient mosques and medieval mansions.
The hotel rooms 17 suites that proffer everything for the weary traveler. The rooms are furnished with highly expensive bedding and furniture with classy reading rooms and balconies. If afforded, the hotel is a definite epic of opulence!
1: The rooms are rated at eight stars out of ten.
2: The food is rated at eight out of ten.
3: The service is rated at 7 out of ten.
4: The total value is given at eight out of ten.
5: The overall experience is eight out of ten.
Merits and demerits
1: The roof terrace is beautiful.
2: The bathrooms are the paramount in Egypt.
3: The old Islamic quarter is very beautiful in Cairo.
4: There is a lift and the staff is friendly enough.
5: You cannot drink alcohol in the Islamic areas.
6: The prices are the same as in Europe, but it is more pleasurable here
7: The city is noisy at day and afternoon time.
The Talisman Hotel
The Talisman Hotel is located in Cairo and it is the first Boutique hotel of its kind in the city. It is carefully hidden in the downtown apartment area. The prices are attractive and the staff is forthcoming. The interior is colorful and is a hallmark of the Talisman Hotel.
The hotel is in the heart of Cairo, near the Egyptian Museum. The great river Nile is a short walk away from the front door. The arrival is always unexpected, but memorable. In the reception, the colors are warm, scampering into the entire hotel. Red and yellow colors streamline the passageways.
The images of the busy city are eroded when you enter the glorious hotel. This deluxe venue caters traditional salons furnished with silky sofas and huge ceiling dining room. There is a massive library with complete facilities for the guests. All corridors are lined up with comfy and lavish armchairs. The rooms are slightly varied with padded headboards and parquet floorings. The extravagant bathrooms are costumed with bath robes and steam showers to take all the weariness away. The rooms are air-conditioned and windows are double glazed. For your money, it is perfect.
1: The rooms are rated eight out of ten stars.
2: The food is okay with 6 out of ten stars.
3: The service is eight out of ten stars.
4: The value provided is nine out of ten stars.
5: The overall experience is eight out of ten.
Merits and demerits
1: Also, the main bazaars are close by.
2: The hotel is high stylish and adequate for the money paid.
3: The breakfast is incomparable.
4: The river Nile and Egyptian Museum are nearby.
5: The building is not in clear view.
6: The entrance is not good at all. Bring detailed maps and instructions.
7: The money can be paid by credit card. Payment in the hotel is done by cash only.
Al Moudira Hotel in Luxor
The Al Moudira Hotel is a dreamy paradise with its wonderful architecture and lush gardens. The rooms are made for kings. Strolling around the courtyards is a great deal of extravagancy feeling. The hotel offers a room bar where the guests can enjoy their cocktails in the coziest environment ever.
You can sit beside the pool or rest in your gigantic room. Al Moudira Hotel is the unsurpassed hotel in the entire Egypt for the desert adds to its charm. It is in fact a premier hotel of Egypt. The ceilings are vaulted with wooden latticework, regal arches and paranoiac murals are all part of the hotel.
A walk in Al Moudira hotel makes you envisage yourself as a king wandering about in his palace. The internal courtyard, which is the hub of Al Moudira has huge pillars and awesome rooms where one can eat all day. The restaurant is domed and serene. There are forty rooms and the smallest room is pretty big too. The ceilings are high domed and bathrooms are high domed too. The place is peaceful and hard to ignore.
1: The rooms are nine out of ten.
2: The food is eight out of ten.
3: The service is nine out of ten.
4: The value of this hotel is nine out of ten.
5: The overall experience is nine out of ten.
Merits and demerits
1: The hotel is beautiful overall.
2: The large swimming pool is a treat for the weary eye.
3: The food is excellent and best Egypt can offer.
4: The rooms are lavish and decorated in Moorish style.
5: The domed ceiling in a big bathroom is impossible to miss.
6: The service is a bit slow for international standards
7: People often fall on their carpets in the bedrooms.
9: It is a design hotel and is very expensive. Pack a suitcase loaded with cash.
10: A taxi is needed for reaching Luxor, as it is six kilometers south of Luxor. Also, it can be reached by crossing River Nile with a ferry.
Steam Ship
The kings and movie celebrities visit the Steam Ship Sudan recurrently. It was one of the first tourist ships to float across the great River Nile. The Steam Ship was made in 1885. It was a gift for King Fouad, who was the ruler of the entire Egypt and Sudan. It was then purchased by Thomas Cook who made it the first steal ship to float on the cosmic waters of the great River Nile. The famous fiction writer Agatha Christie traveled across it in the 1930’s and the novel named Death on The Nile was written in its relation. The boat was also appeared in several movies too.
The Steam ship is an acquisitive royal ride for a person. The bedrooms are paneled and the staircase is made of oak. The sundeck is for looking at the great River Nil and a place for sun bathing. The restaurant has the added pleasantness of live piano playing which adds up the charm. Though the rooms are not very immense but they can not be plainly uttered small either. The beds are made up of brass and the rugs that cover the floors are absolutely mind blowing. The telephones are old fashioned, the bathrooms are allined with robes and the suites are panoramic. This ship in fact offers a inconceivable and astonishing journey for tourists from all over the world.
The rooms are nine out of ten.
The food is eight out of ten.
The service is ten out of ten.
The value for money is also nine out of ten.
The overall user experience is nine out of ten.
1: They also have the La Flaneuse du Nile, which is a seven cabin boat and it looks splendid. It is similar to Steam Ship Sudan and both have opposite travel route.
2: The guide on Flaneuse speaks French, while on Steam Ship speaks English.
3: The crew is very hospitable and the uniforms are shiny and sparkling. They speak English and French.
4: The major sites of River Nile are covered. The morning routines are set and there are guides, who speak French or English.
5: The Steam Ship is also well maintained and updated. The old steamship is apparent on the lower deck.
The Egyptian tours have always revealed themselves being filled with luxury and treasure that was never imagined before. It is the world’s most ancient civilizations existing on earth. The culture inside Egypt is vibrant and lively. The Egyptian luxury is unparalleled.
The Egyptian people are exceptionally hospitable and it becomes apparent the moment one arrives on the airport. The private and VIP immigration is quite electrifying. The neighborhoods, markets, architecture are too stirring and wonderful to seep in. Luxury cruise boats run abound on River Nile. However a personal tour guide is necessary. The tour guides are instrumental in providing knowledge of the country. So do not forget to hire a local expert if you want to discover the depth of Egyptian culture.
The luxury travel to Egypt is starred by a mass of 5 star hotels and a stunning stretch of coastline that overflows with lush comforts, tranquil beaches, balmy seas and splendid diving and water sports. Striking holidays decree the day in this elite community that will keep you in a steady state of gratification.
Opulence vocations in Egypt come substantial and swift. If you are hunting for a special holiday with heaps of sprawling and pampering time, you will unearth all the cherishing you require in Egypt. So if you are yearning for an lenient break, place a magnificence holiday in Egypt at the peak of your list



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