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Discovering Egypt and Jordan Settle into a Stress Free Zone | Blog

Discovering Egypt and Jordan Settle into a Stress Free Zone

Discovering Egypt and Jordan Settle into a Stress Free Zone

One of the most luscious and lovely tours are those of Egypt and Jordan. Inexplicably one can discover the romantic sides of Egypt or Jordan by its famous bath. Jordan to Egypt tours is exceptional in pleasure. On a quiet street of Amman, the capital city of Jordan, one can see seep in the warm Al Pashas Turkish Bath.
The Al Pasha pleasure
The honeymoon can be made exotic with a bath from Al Pasha. The ambience is calming and all worries are left for some other day. A person can settle into a stress free zone.
Kick back and relax into the steam room, which is lemon scented. You can drink Karkadeh, which is a sort of tea from the hibiscus tree and aids in lowering the blood pressure. You can take pleasure form and seep into the full body scrub and massage of leaving the skin all ready for the hot sun.
During the honeymoon, discover the romantic sides of Jordan. Visiting the Roman ruins is extremely necessary in this regard. The Roman ruins can be looked over while going through Amman. It is indisputably a breathtaking and exhilarating view with a mixture of old and new. The fanaticizing place is located on a hill between the Jordan Valley and desert with the famous Citadel overlooks temples and Roman theatre.
Fun in Move-n Pick spa
The tour still packs a punch with Move-n-Pick Resort and Spa
The next stop is the five Star Move-n-Pick Resort and Spa. It is located on the eastern shore of the Dead Sea. The resort is expertly luxurious and every suite has its own terrace and balcony attached. A person can overlook the garden, red mountains and sea. The resort gives the feeling of wellness, relaxation and health.
At Dead Sea
Let us add a little knowledge to your fun: On the Dead Sea, there is six percent more oxygen so the ultra violet radiations are also safer. Dead Sea is the lowest point on the planet earth. It is 400 meters below sea level.
The resort is a hot favorite for the likes of Hollywood celebrities such as Richard Gere and Uma Thurman. So make it a sure visit spot in your list.
Last but not the least the resort remains as a key part of the lovely Jordan tour.
There is a true sense of privacy with magnificently made guest bungalows. It is covered in freshwater streams and landscaped gardens. The resort is home to six restaurants, some bars and three cafes. There is a ZARA spa and private pools as well. The Jordanian wine is excellent and the taste is different. It is worth trying.
So if you have your eyes on to this exhilarating tour, do not forget to get your tour booked at Ladyegypt.com where you are valu



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