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Where to go in Egypt for a holiday | Blog

Where to go in Egypt for a holiday

Where to go in Egypt for a holiday

While vacationing in Egypt, you will never be out of the names of places to visit, explore and enjoy. Come visit the vast and beauty rich land of Egypt and ensure that you have the following on your preference list:
·        The Pyramids of Giza
·        The bank of Luxor
·        Aswan
·        Abu Simbel
These are few of the names that you must be aware of while your visit to Egypt. So all you adventure lovers who wish to make every second of their trip count and worth it, you must have your trip planned by any of the expert trip guide companies. In that way you can be almost sure that you would not go home with the regret of missing out on sightseeing any of the most beautiful places there. Take it as an advice. Such opportunities does not knock on the door everyday so be prepared when you get one!
Cruise Travel:
One way to travel to Egypt is by taking the trip through a Cruise ship. It's a world class trip and an amazing experience. Sailing along the beautiful river Nile, one can experience the mesmerizing beauty of the river all through a weeks' long travel time before finally arriving to the land.
In between the riverside adventure you will also experience the delightful and healthy Egyptian cuisine. And for sure, this is one the reasons why one would not want to miss out on this.
Summer holidays are much more than just visiting the famous historical sphinxes or pyramids. Holidays in Egypt can be adventurous and chilling at one time. There is a minimized number of rainfall in the summer season there, and the temperature rises to a sizzling height of 35 degree, offering the visitors guaranteed fun in the sun during their visit to Egypt in summer holidays. Waters in Egypt are the best attraction during visit to summers, either calm waters or active or the sand beaches along the coast of Red Sea or the Mediterranean coast.
Spending summers in the beaches is a fun-filled experience that one would remember throughout the life. Exploring the deep aquatic life of Egypt sounds like an interesting way to spend the spend time here.
In Egypt, diving is categorized as:
Free Diving:
In this type of underwater diving in which it is not required to take a breathing apparatus along.  Only a pair of goggles and fins would do the job. But, yes the diver would have to hold their breath once underwater and then to breathe again when surface.
This is a very enjoyable act for those who are in the beginning process of diving. The free diving is most idealized in the places of Dahab and Hurghada. The divers have the option of wearing a simple swimsuit but diving in the cold waters a proper diving suit might be required.
This type of diving requires a very simple breathing apparatus known as the mouthpiece, unlike the free diving. This is enjoyable by the divers who wish to explore the mesmerizing Egyptian aquatic life.
One of the perfect sites to enjoy snorkeling is the Red Sea Coast, being the most famous, and rich in marine life forms of hundreds of different kinds. The snorkeling sites have a fair moderate climate that makes it a pleasant site for relaxing. Makadi Bay and Soma Bay are the other famous sites for this purpose.
Scuba Diving:
Well this is the most thrilling kind of diving experiences of all, the most breathtaking ways to see the aquatic life.
Scuba Diving is the kind that requires quite a lot of apparatus including diving suits, oxygen tanks, knives and flashlights. The divers submerge into the depths of water for a much longer time and explore the aquatic life and see the nature beauties and even get the chance to touch the coral reefs for real.
To enjoy the Scuba Diving experience, divers can visit the Red Sea Coast, Sharm El-Sheikh, Marsa Alam, and Nuweiba to have the time of their life spent in the attractive waters of Egypt.
Sharm El-Sheikh:
Sharm El-Sheikh is located along the coast of the Red Sea in Sinai also known as the "city of peace".  Offering the finest places for snorkeling and scuba diving in the whole world the city attracts the number of tourist every year especially in summers giving them a chance to explore the vast marine life.
To be able to experience the Scuba Diving in Egypt, the divers requires an internationally recognized certificate, this is a mendatory requirement for divers to rent oxygen tanks and the other diving equipment. Sharm El-Sheikh is a place where you can gain the PADI or CMAS certificate.
This is another attractive place to enjoy the summer holidays. Hurghada is a home to more than 2.5 million visitors every year. It is situated along the coast of Red Sea, that makes is approximately 550 Km from the capital city of Cairo. Today, Hurghada has more than 170 hotels and is still in the developing state.
With the Red Sea Coast, Hurghada enjoys a very fair weather for the whole year that makes it a very ideal place for sea and marine sports. It is the place to go when speaking of diving. Coral reefs and colorful fish schools makes the most attractive sight to the tourists there. There are other off-shore islands there as well, which includes:
·        Gifton Island
·        Dishet El-Dhaba
·        Sheduan Island
·        Abu Ramada Island
·        Umm Gammae
·        Abu Minqar Island
Well, this is not all there are many more places to consider while your visit to Egypt. You can go for camel riding in the sand dunes or explore the red sea or enjoy the desert in a jeep.
Thinking of spending you winter holidays in Egypt? Well not at all a bad idea. In fact winters are the best time to enjoy the nature and beauty of Egypt. From the Pyramids to the Sphinxes and Luxor, Egypt has got it all to offer to its tourists. The blazing sunshine, soft sands and a day spent camel riding in the desert or either jeep surfing, what else one could ask for to make their winters a memorable one. Here are some of the must visit places while your visit to Egypt in winters:
Luxor is the city situated in the upper Egypt and it is known as the "biggest open air museum" in the world. It contains the world's most valuable monuments and areas that are of immense historical importance in the world that includes:
·        The Luxor Temple
·        Karnak Temple
·        King's Valley
·        The Valley of Queens
·        The Mortuary Temple of Hatsheput at Deir El-Bahri
·        Deir El-Medina (the workers village)
And the list continues... So when planing a visit to Luxor make sure that you have much time to explore and praise the sights, this city has to offer.
Luxor is split into two parts by the River Nile, now. The two parts respectfully known as the East Bank and the West Bank. The East Bank is the part where the town lies and it was once known as the "city of the living" having a beautiful land and sites, whereas the West Bank consisting mostly of desert was once known as the "city of dead". There are number of travel ways to reach the city of Luxor which are:
By Train: One can use the railway route from Cairo to Aswan in order to reach Luxor.
By Cruise: Aswan is nowadays accessible through cruise.
By Road: Cairo is connected to Luxor through a road connection. And bus services are being offered by the authorities there to make it possible to be there.
Cairo, is the capital city of Egypt and is located on both banks of the River Nile. Cairo is known as "Misr" and it is the Arabic name for Egypt. The city covers an area of more than 453 sq Km.
Tahrir Square:
Tahrir Square is the hub of tourists and it attracts a number of tourists every year. It includes many attractive sites as:
·        The Arab League Headquaters
·        Umar Makram Mosque
·        The Egyptian Museaum
Garden City is the narrow strip of land located near the city of Cairo.
Zamalek is another attraction to the city, situated in the center of the River Nile. Zamalek is also known as '' Jazerah '' that means '' the island''. There are three bridges that connect the island with the banks of the river.
Al-Rodah is another island present there which is connected to the banks of the river and the main land by additional two brides. Its located in the South.
The City Of Alexandria:
It is the city that came into being by the famous Alexander the great in 333BC. This city shares the history with Egypt which is different from the other. Alexander died in 323 BC and never got the chance to see the city that has his name. It is located along the Mediterranean coast, 179 Km to the north of Cairo.
It has the famous historical monuments including:
·        The Enclosure Walls
·        Gates of the City
·        The Lighthouse
·        The Royal Necropolis
·        The Great Library
·        The Tomb of Alexander
Other monuments include (Ptolemaic Period):
·        El-Shatby
·        El-Wardain
·        El-Anfoushy
·        Moustafa Kamel
Roman Period:
·        The Catacombs ( the Tombs of Kom El-Shouqafa)
·        The tomb of Tigran
·        The tomb of Silvago
Some of the famous monuments in the city of Alexandria are:
·        The Roman Theatre
·        The Serapium
·        Mosque of El-Naby Daniel
·        The Jewelry Museum
·        Mosque of El-Moursi Abou El-Abbas
·        Citadel of Quaitbay
Not to Visit Sites:
Though there are some places in Egypt where one should avoid going to due to safety reasons. These areas include the places particularly in the center of the River Nile, including the cities of Minya, Asyut and Sohag. These cities have some of the most beautiful monuments of the Egypt. But unfortunately its not recommended to go there because of the violence acts that occurred in the era of mid 90s. If a visitor still wishes to go there he or she be accompanied by the police.
Though the beauty of Egypt lies in the pyramids but, Egypt is not just the home of pyramids but much, much more. So when planning a tour to Egypt make sure you are ready for everything to make your trip a memorable one. From historical places to Watersports (diving) to all the desert experiences, Egypt is a home to all. So gear up for a time of your life that you haven't had before. Pack your bags and get yourself a suitable travel agency for guidance as well as travel packages.



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