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Tourists attractions in Cairo and Luxor Egypt from sand dunes to dancing waters cherish every mo | Blog

Tourists attractions in Cairo and Luxor Egypt from sand dunes to dancing waters cherish every mo

Tourists attractions in Cairo and Luxor Egypt from sand dunes to dancing waters cherish every mo

Egypt, one of the top most visited places is situated in North Africa and is among the favorite tourist termini around the Globe. Still not convinced? Talk about the superb monuments, enriched historical attractions and activities. No other country on the face of the Earth comes even closer to the marvelous Egypt. 
Above ninety percent Egyptian charms are aligned along the beautiful river Nile that lures you towards itself. The overwhelming popularity of Egypt and extensive, lavishing facilities for the tourists are the major attractions of the mystifying land.
Everybody wants their trip to be an amazing and memorable experience of their lives. And the great thing about Egypt is that is proffers something for everyone; if you have kids, they can cram a lot from the tour while others can enjoy the breath taking scenery, teenagers can enjoy sparkling nights under the black sky dancing and cheering listening to unique Egyptian music. 
Planning ahead is the key to every trip, even family trips. Luckily, decision to visit Egypt cuts the drill where entertainment is guaranteed. Now if you are planning to visit Egypt here are some places to visit. 
Cairo “City of thousand Minarets”
Cairo, “The capital of Egypt”, is not only the largest city in the whole Africa but also the world's 16th most populated city with a population of 6,760,000 people. Cairo is chock-full of tourist attractions, where even a simple rock may has something significant to do with the times gone by! 
Cairo is a home to business, cultural and political centers and is known to be Egypt’s metropolitan for more than hundreds of years. It is renowned for drawing visitors from all over the Globe, managing to take good care of its extreme air pollution while also keeping the traffic under control.
Cairo does not end up on ancient attraction but is also famous for its modern magnetism. While in Cairo, imprint yourself with the ever lasting memories by visiting these places:
The Great Citadel  
Cairo Citadel a gigantic and magnificent fortress made of pyramid stones. The marvel was built in the mid of 12th century, and now you along with your family can hike to the very top of it and get an amazing sight of the city. On dazzling days, one can see all and about to the pyramid’s last part. Narration lovers can get concise historical lectures while intriguing the walking tour of the Citadel. 
The River Nile in Cairo
While at an excursion in Egypt and in particular in Cairo, you should not miss the sight of the twisting waters of the Nile River. It is amongst the most renowned rivers of the world. Curling down like a snake, the stunning Nile was one of the most imperative factors in the survival and development of the prehistoric Egypt.
If you are with your life partner, do enjoy the extraordinary “sunset dinner cruise” on the Nile river and soak up all its splendors. Nile cruises are often linked to the Upper Egypt and not to be ignored, they are the two hour cruises from diverse Cairo.
The mix of the far-reaching skyline along with the “city of lights” is remarkable at night. There are three major cruisers that may be reserved from your hotel that you do not wish to miss; the Maxim, the Crystal and the Lavishly. The Maxim is functioned by the “Marriott in Zamalek” while Oberoi Mena House runs the Crystal and the lavishly. Amusement is provided throughout the tour, with a remarkable meal and breath taking sights, transforming the dinner cruise into a unique reminiscence to relish later.
Khan el-Khalili- Do not disregard shopping!
Khan el-Khalili is the biggest open air bazaar in the city of Cairo, and astonishingly this massive super market has not been altered much in the precedent hundred years. Here you have the opportunity to shop an extensive variety of exhilarating items such as ornaments, scents, jewels, fabrics, spices and other immense souvenir items. It depends on the eyes of the beholder and your taste but the place has surely remarkable things to offer. You can even equivocate with the shop keepers and get some unbelievable discounts.
The Egyptian Museum
The renowned Egyptian Museum currently embraces the largest number of relics and artifacts that were recovered over many years of surveys of the remains and wrecks of the mighty ancient structures of Egypt. The museum provides great information of Egyptian history and civilizations.
 Enjoy discovering many of the relics and relief yourself with the gems of the great King Tutankhamen.
Imagine an unrestrained discovery and the ultimate fun for you and your family, as you go around the museum in the capital of Egypt, Cairo, learning the very origin of humanity's utmost civilization. 
 A wonder and a mystery “El Giza”
Located at about 20 kilometers from the southwest of the Central Cairo; El Giza is the most visited area in the entire Egypt, known to be the magnet for tourists and archeologists. Here you will have your sight upon the colossal Pyramids of Giza and the most amazing and mysterious Sphinx, displaying the true wonders of the ancient Egypt construction.
The great “Solar Boat Museum”
The Solar Boat museum unfortunately is open only during the daytime and is one of the many elements to dazzle upon on the Giza Plateau. It companies a well-preserved and maintained boat belonging to Khufu, which is exhibited out in the open. For the reasons of possible contamination coming along with tourists into the museum, certain protective measures have been put in place; you will be provided with protective slippers that fit easily over the shoes to prevent external contamination from occurring.
The famous “Pharaonic Village”
Pharaonic village is located in the heart of Cairo and is a splendid place for yacht maniacs. The place proffers a yacht cruise that sails through numerous early Egyptian sites. Cruising on the Nefertari, each sight, sanctioned by genuine people, drifts you away into the customary approach of life that the Pharoahs themselves lived.
When the cruise finishes, you can find many restaurants and gift shops. Engrave new memories by making a quick stop at the Cleopatra Studio where you can have your photos taken wearing ancient Egyptian attire.  
Treat for teens “The Opera House”
 The Opera House, home for international artists, is situated downtown and offers vast range of symphonies, masque and ballet from artists staying there. If you are planning forward to give a visit to this astounding place, it will be suitable for you to reserve your tickets online in advance.
LUXOR “City of Tombs and Temples”
Luxor was at one time the prosperous capital of Egypt and it remained the capital of prehistoric Egypt for more than four hundred years between the eras 1550 to 1069. Many of the massive monuments and memorials built during the period stand till the present day, and as an outcome, Luxor happens to have the largest pool of pharaoh's sanctuaries and  crypts anywhere in the whole world!
For history admirers, Luxor is the best place to be visited because the land not only offers beautiful sites but remarkable historical remains. There are quite a lot of sites that allow you to discover the primeval history of the ancient Egypt. 
Luxor can not just be termed as the home for a quantity of temples, but the place also gives its visitors a chance to gain familiarity with the religious beliefs of the prehistoric Egypt. Numerous people chart and suggest contemptible Luxor holidays just to stopover these temples. According to professionals, Luxor temple is the oldest temple in the Egypt and perhaps a good starting place for tourists to check out. 
Luxor Temple only for explicit taste
One of the most projecting and eye catching temples in Egypt is the Luxor Temple. It is well recognized for its strange rather exclusive structure. Surrounding the Luxor temple are other large Egyptian structures like The New Kingdom temple originated by Amenophis III which takes arrogance standing in the middle of the juncture. When illuminated by cozy green spot lights at night, every single thought goes blank, leaving a memory of intense beauty. 
Sound and light show with Karnak Temple
The giant Karnak temple complex, being one of the marvels of Egypt, is situated about 3km north of the Luxor Temple. The two temples were once linked by an avenue of 2000 sphinxes. Don’t miss the sound and light show if you visit the karnak temple. The show is an extremely distinguished attraction for travelers all around the Globe. 
The Bazaar
Unscrambling the city from the Southern side of the enormous Luxor temple and lengthening towards North, is the impressive bazaar also recognized as Sharia Al-Souk. You can discover all your blistering favorite Egyptian souvenir and remnants with the expected “tongue in cheek bravado” shopkeepers whom you may find funny. 
For more innovation, trail the street that goes directly into Sharia Ahmes. Here in this part a more genuine consciousness awaits you. 
Luxor Museum
It is located in the north of the Luxor Temple on the border of the main Corniche and Sharia Al Mathari. The museum collection includes sculptures, funeral leftovers and many other findings from the major sites of the city. Most of the collections are labeled with vast details including their historical importance. 
The Mummification Museum
A museum solely dedicated to the demise and beliefs including funeral practices undertaken by people in the ancient Egypt. The museum is located by the ferry workstation on the West Bank. It is also the spot for numerous fascinating lectures by Egyptian professionals. 
Royal Tombs “Where kings and Queens lie”
Luxor’s most tempoed attraction, the Valley of the Kings and Queens, which are in fact two dissimilar valleys located near one another. If these valleys are among your top most wanted places to be visited, then get yourself mentally prepared to sink into the desert temperature.
As the name points out, these are the burial places of the Egyptian pharaohs and Queens, along with the officials, including HoremhebRamses IIISeti IQueen Nefertari and Ramses III's sons tombs. These tombs are engraved with ancient Egyptian images representing the afterlives.
These tombs are closed from time to time to keep them in a decent state so you might need to come back later if your favorite ones are shut. 
Suez, where stunning canals Zagazig and Al-Minya are located, is served as the eastern depot of the canals built by the great Amr ibn al-'As. This canal links Red sea with the Nile River.
There used to be a canal reaching Gulf of Suez from the Nile delta in ancient times, but unfortunately when the gulf extended the canal vanished. The present canal was constructed in the mid of the nineteenth century. It is surely a site to relish.
The Red Sea
Extending from the Suez Canal to the north towards Sudan in south, the mighty Red Sea is about 1,250 kilometers long. It is fringed with splendid beaches, desert and mountains and many beautiful resorts like El Quseir and Marsa Alam located on the western coast.
 If you are seeking some private time free of disturbance, you are at the right place! It is much less crowded than any other popular place of Egypt. Swimming, surfing and Red Sea scuba diving are the obvious activities here. You can also experience great speeds and leisure all the way through the desert on a exhilarating Jeep safari. However, as an advice, you should delay this enthralling act of lure till winters because the scorching sun of summers gets the desert sizzling. 
The massive sword
After traveling partially through the Suez Canal, you are able to sight numerous monuments on the Eastern side. These monuments were made in the recall of the Israel and Egyptian war.  The Suez Canal was once the border between the two realms resembling a giant sword. 
Free Ferry ride “Crossing the Canal”
A very pleasing and relaxing route while crossing the canal by ferry, known as El-Meaadia, inaugurates from Saied ending at the Fauad port. The ferry is also free of charge; a treat to the visitors! 
The view and the scenery are fascinating, especially if you travel in the afternoon, especially close to the sunset when everything turns golden. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the view of crossing ships and carriers of various kinds.
And lastly don’t forget to enjoy a cup of hot tea in a restaurant located just on side the Ferry Harbor that proffers a jaw dropping view.
So all those folks who are convinced by the mystifying lures Cairo and Luxor have to proffer, just book your vacations in Egypt right away!



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