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Luxor, the lost Atlantis

Luxor, the lost Atlantis

Luxor is home to the ruins of Karnak shrine, Luxor shrine; as well as the Valley of the Kings and Queens and other monuments on the West Bank of the Nile. The Luxor stands on the site of the ancient city of Thebes, which attracted visitors, traders and hitch hikers from all over the world, even in ancient times.
Today, Luxor has a population of about 150,000 and is a popular holiday destination. In addition to its own spectacularly jaw dropping sights, Luxor makes an excellent base for touring Upper Egypt and as a starting or culminating point for Nile cruises. 
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” –St. Augustine 
So would you live your life reading just one page of an overwhelming book?? We bet not. And you would most positively not like to miss the most stunning and inspirational page. So plan an excursion today to the grand city of Luxor. Here are few main attractions you do not want to miss: 
6 Days Nile River Cruise (From Luxor to Aswan)
Enjoy the stunning scenery as you start cruising the Nile on a beautiful 6 day journey from Luxor to Aswan. You will also get the opportunity to upgrade it to a private escorted tour so one can plan his/her journey with a qualified Egyptologist, during the luxurious and relaxing sail on Egypt's marvelous  river. Scheduled tours on the cruise include the Valley of the Kings, Karnak , Edfu Temple, Kom Ombo, Luxor Temples, and the magnificent Philae Temple resting in Aswan. Upgrading to a private tour is a lot beneficial, as you can plan your route with your guide during the journey. Deluxe Nile cruiser “The M/Y Mirage” has a restaurant onboard, reading areas and lounges, swimming pool with jacuzzi, large shaded top deck with bars, boutiques, massage service, gift shop and even laundry service. Evening entertainment includes Nubian music and not to forget the beautiful dancers, a Galabayeh night and the famous belly dancing. The cruiser comes along with air-conditioned cabins which have satellite TV and private facilities, one can also choose from three cabin types. With the fantastic meals, lodging and sightseeing included, The M/Y Mirage cruise on the Nile River makes the journey extraordinary into ancient Egypt. Gaining valuable insights into ancient history of Egypt and the historic civilization makes it an informative cruise. 
The Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut and the Temp Luxor West Bank,
Make a tour to the most famous sites on Luxor's West Bank accompanied by an expert guide and step back into ancient history of Egypt at the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple on a fine morning tour from Luxor. As this can be private tour, you can determine the amount of time you are willing to spend at each site. Necropolis of the primeval city of Thebes comes after crossing the Nile River to the West Bank. Burial place of the kings of Thebes (ancient Luxor), is at the center of valley of Kings where one can have a brief stop at the visitors center. Guides are not allowed inside the historic tombs, but surely your guide will inform you what to look for inside the ornamented rooms.
On leaving the burning sands of the Valley of the Kings, comes the Temple of Hatshepsut, one of the most striking memorials in Egypt. Guides are well acquainted with the history of the temple and the famed female ruler of Egypt “Queen Hatshepsut” who is postured as a male to gain the throne. In free time you can explore the leisure as you stroll the large courtyards and admiring the sophisticated decorations. At the Colossi of Memnon, Returning to Luxor there will be time to engrave memories by taking brief photos, which marks the site of the memorial shrine of Amenhotep III. The two colossal sculptures standing tall on the West Bank are all that is remained of the ancient complex. 
The Temple of Medinat Habu
Medinat Habu is dominated by the great morgue temple of Ramses III. Second in size only to Karnak, the main mast and well-preserved wall carvings on which recorded military campaigns against depict bound captives from Nubia, Syria, Palestine and the sea people’s rests. Rich colors on ceilings and columns are also quite preserved. A ritualistic palace complex is adjacent to the temple. 
Flight over the Luxor West Bank and Nile River in a Hot Air Balloon
For unforgettable views of Luxor's famous temples, you can take a hot-air balloon flight over the Nile River. Away from the crowds in the pacific glow of dawn, the sunrise flight over ancient monuments of Egypt promises to be a climax of your visit. 
Luxor: The Valley of the Nobles
Theban tombs of the Nobles spread over a large area to the south of the Valley of Kings. More than 400 tombs of officials and nobles can be found, among the houses of the Gurna village. A place enriched with history. 
Luxor: The Luxor Museum
Located on the Corniche the Luxor Museum has a brilliant compilation of remnants and statue of the archeological sites of Luxor. Things of interest comprise of the golden head of Hathor from the tomb of Tutankhamun, a massive granite head of Amenhotep III and release scene Queen Nefertiti.
Dendara and Abydos
The Temple of Hathor and ‘The Cult of Osiris” is a situate where the majority of prehistoric Egyptians have performed pilgrimage. The path of the Temple of Hathor is among two beautiful Roman fountains that conclude at the gigantic entrance gate.
The enclosed spaces are made up of mud brick and are a reminder of the Roman epoch. The temple has an extended history extending from the Pepi I down to the Roman and Ptolemy periods. 
This is a personal tour permitting you to establish the quantity of time you want to spend on this excursion. 
Tomb of Ramses VI
The chief feature of the tomb pf Ramses that was formerly built for Ramses V is its domed exorbitant ceiling with a twofold image of the Goddess ingest the sun 
Valley of the Artisans (Deir el-Medina)
Deir al-Medina was a place typically inhabited by the craftsmen, laborers, carvers and painters who used to work on the majestic tombs nearby and for the same reason this place if renounced as the Workmen's Village. Guests can stopover the place and acknowledge the extraordinary condition in the cemetery above.
Karnak Sound and Light Show
While at Luxor, you have the astounding chance to experience the marvels of the Temples of Karnak that are brightly enlightened against the gloom of darkness. The site takes you back to a journey into the Ancient Egypt.
From there you can leave for the Sound and Light Show at Karnak in a cruise ship for en evening of amusement in a unique Egyptian style. The show commences as you saunter all along the boulevard of Sphinx, transitory to the Great Court.
The subsequent part of the Sound and Light Show starts with you being seated, forgetting the sanctified lake as the multifaceted is enlightened.
It is of significance to note that even though the show is meant for all age groups, the complex is extremely gloomy with loud enchanting is often frightening for the kids. 
Luxor Shore Excursion
This amazing excursion inaugurates as soon as the ship harbors at the port of Luxor port. It is a private tour that normally takes about half a to explore the fantasies of the  east bank of the River Nile.
The Egypt’s most inspiring reserves the Karnak Temples and the Luxor Temple are remarkable sites to witness. Here you get numerous opportunities to gain knowledge of Egypt’s mesmerizing history from your professional Egyptologist sightseeing guide.
This personal tour permits you to resolve the quantity of time to spend at each site. There is no compulsion. You can also stroll along the Avenue of Sphinx to go through the complex as your professional sightsees guide elucidates how its enormous frontage was built.
 Winter Palace
British during their occupation in Egypt in 1886 built the beautiful Winter Palace situated in the Luxor Egypt .It features a tropical garden with a magical atmosphere built on the banks of the Nile River. Rushing water beauty with the Winter Palace is an unforgettable sight. The Palace has managed to attract celebrities and royalties for years despite of being a five star hotel. Winter Palace one of many tremendous structures of which Egyptians are proud of.
Colossi of Memnon
The Colossi of Memnon is a combined set of massive statues along the west bank of the ancient and magnificent city of Thebes (Known as Luxor today). The statues were made in the spitting image of the Pharaoh Amenhotep III somewhere in 1350 BC, standing guard along the entrances of a gigantic temple created in his memory and in some parts for the post death worship.
City of Thebes
City of Thebes was known to be the home of the renowned Pharaohs of the Middle and The New Kingdoms of ancient Egypt. Thebes contained remarkable huge temples ,tombs and marvelous structures that were dedicated to the Pharaohs for their remarkable period in the history. Thebes is known as Luxor today and is one of the most popular and historically significant place for visitors from around the world.
Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
Deir-El-Bahri also known as the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut located on West Bank of the Luxor. Cited into the side of the mountain enclosed by steep cliffs, its location is a marvel in itself. The Queen who would be King , Hatshepsut daughter of Thutmose I , the temple was built on Queen’s vision and inspiration .The Queen and the temple resembles very close as in sense that the temple reflects Queen’s taste of art .To known the history of temple one must know the history of Queen.
Luxor, Egypt a great place to visit enriched with ancient Egyptian culture and history. If you are looking forward to understanding the basic cultural theme of Egypt and the very roots from which it originated Luxor would just be the right place. Luxor is a must see place for people who are interested in discovering unique architecture and ancient Egyptian religion. Luxor is a place well known for its historical sites and temples. People seeking authentic background and history of Egypt should visit Luxor as it is well known for its authentic Egyptian souvenirs and handicrafts.
Mummification Museum
The Mummification Museum situated in Luxor, Egypt first opened in 1997 and allows today's visitor to better understand the mummification process in detail, the Ancient Egyptian concept of judgment and the afterlife shows us interrelation between Egyptian beliefs and objects related with mummification. The word mummification is derived from the Persian language Word “Mummiya”, which in Arabic means “bitumen” and gives us the complete word mummification.
Shopping at Sharia al-Karnak
Luxor also provides with a charming experience of shopping particularly to the ladies. There is a quantity of stores and vivid bazaars offering an overabundance of homemade craft and souvenir. The alabaster is well-known and along with the clay pots that are made use of in cooking.
 To wrap up, Luxor can be termed as a marvelous place for anyone who is planning to visit Egypt. It gives the tourists numerous prospects to enjoy, relax themselves and yet gain a comprehensive understanding of the culture and at the same time the history of the great Egypt. For those folks who are typically fascinated by the architectures and religious history Luxor is a top on the list place for them to visit. The excursion to Luxor is utterly an experience that will mark treasured memories for you to relish for long in your lives.



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