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Whats the best and cheapest way to travel to Egypt | Blog

Whats the best and cheapest way to travel to Egypt

Whats the best and cheapest way to travel to Egypt

The Sphinx at Giza, the Great Pyramids, and many other ancient wonders await you in Egypt, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It's also home to resorts and hotels found on the Red Sea's warm shores at Sharm el Sheikh as well as the rolling sand dunes of the Sahara Dessert that's great for camel trekking. There is a myriad of impressive Egypt tourist attractions available at one of the cradles of ancient civilization.
You'll never run out of things to explore when you're at Egypt, because Egypt is a country that's a world wonder in and of itself. This North African nation is particularly accessible from Britain, and there are discounted travel deals available to accommodate the five-hour flight from Britain to Egypt. However, you should be warned that once you land there, you'll be exposed to a completely different culture altogether.

Traveling to Egypt with Cheap Travel Deals
There are affordable travel packages available when it comes to traveling to Egypt, especially for travelers from Europe. Obviously, just how cost-effective your Egypt trip will be should depend on where you are in the world. The closer you are to Egypt, the cheaper your traveling fees will be, and the farther away you are from Egypt, the harder it is to get a travel deal that you can define as cheap or even affordable.
Nevertheless, Egypt is a worthwhile vacation destination regardless of how much you pay for your travel costs because of all the available Egypt tourist attractions that have enthralled whole generations of tourists and travelers for millennia. Egypt is a captivating and charming country in the 21st century as it was in 42 BC, during the time of Mark Antony.
Reasons to Visit Egypt with Affordable Travel Packages
6.jpgThe ancient civilization of Egypt is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think about ancient civilizations in general. The nation undoubtedly possesses one of the richest histories in the globe. It has a 5,000-year-old culture that you'd want to immerse yourself in, and there are many popular books on the subject (particularly about the Kings of Egypt, the Pharaohs) that can keep you occupied as you fly straight to your Egyptian vacation.
Even today, the country remains very much alive and thriving, thanks to the proliferation of modern resorts on Egyptian coastlines as well as the numerous cosmopolitan attractions found in the cities of this beautiful destination.  What's more, the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt can be quite cool, which is a great contrast to the widespread hotness of the nation, especially during the arid summertime.
The Must-Visit Places in Your Cost-Effective Egyptian Trip
Cairo is a must-visit place that should not be missed during your trip to Egypt because it's filled with bazaars, shops, and museums galore. It's a city that's ripe with mystery, old-world charm, and treasures from both the present and the past. If you like time travel stories then a trip to Cairo is the closest thing that you'll ever get to time traveling in real life.
Luxor is another great Egyptian place to go to because it's known as the Valley of the Kings' gateway and home to the ancient City of Palaces. Meanwhile, Alexandria has out-of-this-world monuments dedicated to Alexander the Great, which is apt considering the place was named after the great conqueror. The old trading town of Aswan is also a terrific vacation starting point for those who want to enjoy cruises down the River Nile.
The Different Seasons for Traveling to Egypt

  • Peak Season: Egypt's peak season is between October and May as the heat of the summer can be quite unbearable for some. Going to Egypt during the summer isn't the preferred choice, so to speak. The peak season is an especially appealing time for travelers from Europe to gather to the North African nation because they can go on a cheap flight to the country and escape the winter months of their own homelands. Be warned that during that time of the year, the rates are high and the hotels are all fully booked. The peak season is nevertheless awesome because Egypt typically puts its best foot forward during this period, but it can be expensive and there's the possibility of you not getting a reservation if you book your flight too late or on short notice.
  • Off Season: The off season for traveling to Egypt is usually during the year's hottest months (summer), as explained in the previous entry. Obviously, the last place people would want to go to in order to escape the heat would be the desert, although Egypt is still home to certain Mediterranean hotels and resorts for vacationers who want to see the glory of the country during summer and enjoy some real bargains and cheap travel packages. Even if you aren't from one of the European neighbors of Egypt, patronizing this nation during its off season months is the best and cheapest way to travel to the world-famous vacation destination.
When traveling to Egypt during the off season, you should avoid the southern parts and instead stick to the coast in order to enjoy some beach-related aquatic fun as well as cool sea breezes. Also, Egyptian beaches are more secluded and not as crowded during summer when compared to the Caribbean or other tropical beaches around the planet. Ramadan is often less popular among Western visitors because during this time, alcohol is less widely available and most restaurants are closed down. However, if you want to save big bucks when traveling to Egypt, then having an Egyptian vacation during the Ramadan holiday is a viable choice.
  • Shoulder Season: Aside from the off season and the peak season, there's also the less widely known "shoulder season" as well. Springtime in Egypt is one of the best times to visit the country because it enjoys the best of both worlds: You get to experience a not-too-hot, mostly warm Egypt with discounted prices and fewer crowds of tourists because the vacationers are dwindling off from peak season. It's like you getting all the perks of both peak season and off season, without any of the detriments like a blistering hot summers or fully booked hotels. However, the Khamsin wind (a powerful gale that can reach 150 kilometers per hour) blows in from the desert from time to time during this period, so you should bunker down whenever that happens.
When Best to Fly to Egypt for Your Vacation
When best to fly to Egypt for your vacation depends mostly on your priorities and your personal viewpoints of what makes for an enjoyable trip. For many vacationers out there, October to May or the peak season for Egyptian travel remains the best time to fly to Egypt in terms of ideal weather conditions and topnotch tourist attractions. Be warned that within these eight months, there are two periods of high season (the Easter Period and the Christmas to New Year Period) wherein cruises and hotels will jack their prices up; however, there are special events like the Gala Dinners that are specifically developed to cater to customers and their tight budgets.
Early reservations are important in ensuring that you'll get the most out of your peak season flight to Egypt. All the hotels and resorts of Egypt are booked early for the peak season, so your best bet in getting an available reservation is by booking in advance; the early bird, after all, gets the worm. Even if you're merely booking a budget hotel, it's still strongly advised for you to book early. It's better to be safe than sorry. From May to October, the Egyptian summer can be quite unforgiving, especially in Upper Egypt (i.e., the southern parts of the country, such as Luxor). However, if you want a cheaper deal, summer in Egypt can be quite the fun and affordable experience. The seclusion, peace, and quiet in summertime Egypt can be a godsend, especially if you've decided to go to Egypt's tropical beaches during summer.

Getting Around During Your Egypt Trip with the Proper Transportation
If you want to save time instead of money, then a domestic Egyptian flight is your best bet. Egypt Air flies domestically and it's the national carrier of the nation. As for public transportation, you needn't worry too much about it because it's good, safe, and efficient. Egyptian trains are renowned for their reliability and safety. Meanwhile, the rail networks of Egypt connect to most of its towns, so you can easily travel around from one exciting part of the country to another by train without any trouble whatsoever. Nevertheless, trains are also the slowest method of transportation, particularly during short journeys because there are faster means to get around, like buses. Trains are best used when traveling long distances nonstop in order to avoid traffic jams and whatnot.
You should make sure you get air-conditioned nonstop train wagons instead of the slower, multiple-stop local trains when traveling. At any rate, Egyptian buses are also reliable for taking you where you want to go within Egypt because they're more dependable and affordable than trains. The bus network of Egypt is in excellent condition: Every destination of interest is covered. You can also try out the popular and commonplace servees (service taxis) of Egypt if you want to go to specific destinations or even residences. There exists large servees that will pick up passengers and would only go to popular spots such as train stations when it's full. These are actually cheaper than the single-service servees because the fee is shared by all the passengers instead of just one passenger. However, you have more control over where you're supposed to go with the service taxis.

Traveling to Egypt during the Ramadan
Travelers typically avoid going to Egypt during the Ramadan because they believe that food and alcohol are unavailable during this time. However, that's not necessarily true. Even though Egypt is primarily a Muslim country, it's also a world-class tourist destination that's visited by people from all walks of life and from all corners for the world. The Egyptians understand that quite a number of vacationers don't observe Islamic customs because they follow other beliefs and religions, so while alcohol isn't available freely during the day, there are many cafes and restaurants that are still open and ready to serve Egypt's multitude of tourists and visitors at night.
The only major difference between the Holy month of Ramadan and non-Ramadan days is that establishments close two hours earlier than normal (instead of the erroneous belief that establishments are outright closed throughout the Ramadan holiday). This is done as a courtesy; the extra two hours allow workers to get home in time for the sunset, which is when they can break their fast. Ramadan is a superb Egyptian holiday because it's actually a month-long celebration and festival. All throughout the e
vening, there are coffee shops galore that are filled with customers who stay up until the wee hours of the morning. Ramadan is the one time where Egypt... particularly Cairo... never sleeps; the whole Muslim world stays wide awake during Ramadan in order to go out and have some fun all day and all night long.



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