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four amazing ways to get to Egypt for your 2013 travel | Blog

four amazing ways to get to Egypt for your 2013 travel

four amazing ways to get to Egypt for your 2013 travel

Egypt can be the next tourist destination you plan to visit for your next holiday season. There is a lot to see in your Egypt vacation like the Cairo Museum housing the great boy King Tut possessions, the eerie tombs of Giza or a night of fun and amazing cuisine on the Nile Cruise ship. There is the Cairo Tower with its top end restaurant inside and a watch tower to view the whole of Cairo in one panoramic view. There are great open air markets like the Bazaar of El Khalilli waiting to share in its rich history plus a wide array of antiquities on sale and delicacies.
All this can be enjoyed in Egypt at various, and attractive tourist packages waiting for just you! But this great experience to Egypt can begin when I find myself a suitable transport plan to Egypt. The most available option in this case is air travel and this can be an express travel or a connection travel.
Flight to Egypt is the fastest way to get to this great African country and there are a number of cities with available international flights terminals that serve locals and tourists. The most visited cities in Egypt are Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada, Aswan and Alexander. My trip to Egypt cannot be complete if I don’t get to visit all this places.
And the travel packages around Egypt are quite convenient and affordable to the new tourist. If I cannot find a straight flight to Cairo as my initial plans would be, I can still get to Egypt via other routes equally sufficient.
Flying to Egypt via Luxor
Luxor is one of the ancient cities in Egypt and it was considered the most religious town for Pharaohs and the early Islamic Egyptians. No wonder the two of the largest temples in Egypt are located in this area; the Temple of Luxor and The Karnak Temple. Besides that, Luxor is also rich in historic monuments and priceless antiquities and it is said to contribute to about 1/3 of the precious artifacts we have in the world.
So why would I not get a Flight to Egypt via Luxor and first enjoy this rich historic experience plus witness in the array of magnificent artifacts. Luxor has one of the largest airports that serve the city as well as the outside world. The airstrip is about 6km from the main town of Luxor situated on the East bank of the River Nile.
From Luxor, any tourist can easily access Cairo which is 670km North of Luxor, The great Aswan city which is 220km south of Luxor and Hurghada which is 280km East of Luxor. Luxor airport is widely connected with the outside world and several countries worldwide have direct flights to this city. Egypt Air on its part organizes daily flights from Luxor to Cairo and Cairo to Luxor.
On the other hand I may decide to enjoy my Egypt Vacation by not relying entirely on flights but trains and buses. Luxor is strategically located on the Cairo-Aswan major railway line with the railway station being at El Mahata Square, Luxor. So if I want a wonderful experience at Aswan I might as well get on the sleeper and snooze away till I wake up in Aswan.
Road transport is also another option that offers mobility from Luxor to the greater parts of Egypt. However as a tourist I am advised not to use this option as it’s not that reliable. But if you don’t mind the long bus ride, this will be a great chance to take photos of the Edfu as well as Kom Ombo which are along the Nile on your way to Aswan. The great town of Hurghada can also be accessed by bus; it is by far the closest place since it’s a three and a half hour ride.
The Nile night cruise ship is also available to Aswan and other places along the way. This is a luxurious option for any tourist looking forward to a night of partying before setting sail on Aswan.
Flight to Egypt via Cairo
They say Cairo is the Arabic name referring to ‘Victorious City’ a city that has been the central point and backbone of Egypt’s economy since ancient times. The locals have a nickname for this town, Misr which means Egypt but in the real sense the town being the focal point of the entire country.
So Cairo is the capital and I am pretty sure my flight to Cairo will be a busy one. And on the other hand I can never run out of flights connecting to Cairo International airport. The main airstrip is located 22km of the City of Cairo with two active terminals. The first terminal serves Egypt Air and other local flight companies in Egypt while the second terminal serves the outside flights companies.
So I’ll be careful to know which terminal am using depending on where am heading. From Cairo Airport, there are domestic flights to Luxor, Aswan and Hurghada. The rest of Egypt can be accessed via Train or Bus from Cairo. The local Buses aren’t that bad to travel in though not many tourists prefer them. However the various travel tour packages can be highly trusted and are quite cheap and expedient in enjoying your Egypt Vacation without having to cater for daily travel expenses.
For bus travel while in Egypt I would hence rely on the registered buses to connect me to Luxor, Aswan and any other part of interest in Egypt. If I want to enjoy the bus services while on my Egypt Vacation, getting the local bus timetable is the best Idea. The buses serving Cairo and the wider Egypt are Pullman, Golden arrow and West Delta. The buses departure timetable is normally at 7:00am local time with a 15minute interval between one departure and the next.
Flight to Egypt via Alexander
The City of Alexander has a different historical story from the rest of Egypt great cities. It was built by an outsider, Alexander the great as he passed on his way to consult an Oracle in Egypt. The sad part is that Alexander never got to see the great city he had pioneered in its construction.
Alexander also has a very unique architectural construction from other cities. The city is built in squares from a satellite view; pretty much like a chess board. The city had 5 main towns named after the Greek alphabets Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon and Gamma.
Alpha was the main governing district where the royal palace was located, public gardens, main Temple and the libraries was located. Beta was the main area that the rich and aristocratic class dwelt. Gamma formed the main residents for the low class and other commoners in the Egyptian society. Delta was preserved foreigners coming to reside in Egypt and Epsilon was occupied by the old Egyptians to dwell the land from the past.
There is no city in Egypt you will find with a rich history of the class system like Alexander. The city also boasts of iconic monuments like the Tomb of Alexander, The Royal Necropolis, the Lighthouse, the great Gates opening to the city and an array of museum housing the rich Alexander history.
Alexander is located on the Mediterranean side of Egypt with Cairo being about 179km south of it. According to Egyptian records, this is the second largest city and can be accessed through a number of options.
Tourists often overlook this great city which has the potential of making your Egypt Vacation a memorable. My Flight to Egypt via Alexander can be facilitated through the Alexandria International airport. The airstrip is 4 miles away from the city center and connects Alexandria to other cities like Cairo and Hurghada plus offer flights to the outside Arab countries.
This great airstrip was to undergo renovations by 2011 so it may be looking much better right now and more efficient for a Flight to Egypt. Alexander has a second airport known as Borg El Arab. This airport once threatened to wipe out Alexandria airport in business until the Egyptian Government intervened and made the two airstrips the main flight serving points in Alexandria and the Nile delta.
Access to other Egyptian towns and sites can also be facilitated through the railway line. Alexandria happens to form the Northern terminal of the great Cairo-Aswan railway line. So I don’t have a problem accessing Aswan and Cairo via Alexandria instead of relying entirely on flights. Surprising enough the road network in Alexandria is much better and quite active with two major highways; Agricultural road and Desert road.
The last option is the luxurious one; the night cruise ship. Alexandria has the biggest seaport that serves lots of cruising escapades to tourists and this is also a nice option to get to Egypt as an alternative to flying.
Flight to Egypt through Aswan
My last Flight to Egypt can be through Aswan, the third largest city in Egypt and home of the greatest technological advancement boasts of; the Aswan High dam. Aswan is located on the Nile River and is about 890km south of the City of Cairo. 220km north of the City is Luxor with dozens of transport options to get to Luxor, Cairo, Giza Plateau and any other part of the Egyptian country.
A Flight to Egypt is well facilitated through the Aswan International airport which is 16miles in distance from the main city. Aswan international airport is open to various flights all over the world and most tourists arrive for the Egypt Vacation via Aswan. Charter flights are the commonly used flight services but domestic flights are also present as well as the legendary Egypt airways. The roads from Aswan to the outside Egypt are usable as well with a good number of bus services available and charge using the local currency.
But tourists are still advised to stay of the roads and use flight and rail. But the road to Luxor is open to any tourist looking to visit the scenic Edfu and the majestic Kom Ombo. If I want that amazing Edfu and Kom Ombo experience than I will have to book my bus seat 24 hours prior to the trip.
The railway line from Cairo ends at the modern station built at Aswan and is a pliable route from Cairo and any other town found along the major railway line. Train rides from Cairo and Luxor are common via the train so why not save my flights money and take the rail as I enjoy the sites along the way and possibly take memorable photos.
The Nile Cruise ship always forms a highlight in Egypt Vacation transport options. Though the Nile cruise to Aswan is not that common, perhaps this holiday season might be a bit different and I could get lucky and enjoy my nightlife aboard one of



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