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The Essence of Egypt

The Essence of Egypt

It is these different personalities of each country that are manifestations of the cultures and traditions of that country. From time to time, we will share with you the essence of certain countries and/or cities and what makes them special.

The papyrus is a sacred Ancient Egyptian tree. Throughout the ancient temples and tombs, archeologists found drawings and columns shaped like the papyrus tree. Additionally, many pictures and documents were painted on papyrus paper. In keeping with tradition, papyrus art is still widely available in Egypt. If tastefully done, these works of art can be a wise purchase.
A Shisha is a colorful Egyptian water pipe.
The shisha may be easily spotted at the Egyptian coffee houses that line the urban sidewalks. The open air coffee houses basically consist of some tables, chairs, men, backgammon boards, coffee and shishas. Both the shisha and the coffee houses are an Egyptian institution.

Never did we think of mixing together noodles, rice, black lentils, fried onions and tomato sauce. However, this Egyptian favorite is absolutely delicious. Luckily for us, Koshari restaurants can be found in every town, and they are easy to spot with the large pots of noodles and silver plates displayed in their windows. You can eat it at the restaurant or take it to go. A large bowl of Koshari costs less than U$1 .
The Tourist Police
Everywhere you go, you can find the tourist police. They are very friendly and will gladly show you around the sites or take a photograph with you for a little baksheesh (tip).
We want you to know that you will never felt unsafe in Egypt. The people are very friendly and welcome tourists with open arms. So, please do not let the past isolated events deter you from visiting this amazing country.
Lady Egypt Tours always gives you the option to eat a local meal and buy a hand made Papyrus from a trusted Papyrus shop.



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