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We show you the local side of life

We show you the local side of life

They say that traveling the world opens one’s eyes and mind at the same time. As much as I agree with that, I often find that the way in which you travel will determine how much one’s eyes and mind is opened.

Being part of two group travels, one through Europe and one through Egypt and Jordan, my eyes and mind opened in terms of culture, history, fellow travelers’ ways and thoughts and how to get lost and be found.
Now that I am a previous traveler, now living in Giza, one of the largest cities in Egypt, I would like to point out a few awesome things that travelers may miss out if they do the ordinary group travel through this remarkable country.
There are a few priceless things that I encountered since I became a fellow local to this busy, somewhat messy, friendly, historical country. The good news is that when you travel with Lady Egypt Tours, your guide will take you to the safest, cleanest places and you won’t be hassled. So have a look at what will make you experience the real Egypt in an authentic way:
It will have to start with a lesson on how and where to eat the best local food. If you are driving between sites in the city, why not ask the guide to stop at one of the sandwich shops, Shabrawy, GAD or Felfella. Ask for the magic three and stand beside the road eating your foul, felaffel and potato sandwiches. You will find that the guide will most likely order the exact same for himself because this is what most Egyptians love to eat for during lunch.
You have to sit down in a crowded Koshary shop and eat a serving of this traditional Egyptian meal. It is a dish with macaroni, lentils and rice served with a tomato sauce, usually with garlic and chili sauce added to it. It is then topped with crispy fried onions. If the carb overload isn’t for you then try a kebab shop. They may look a little run down from the outside, but they are clean and hygienic on the inside. They serve grilled chicken, lamb and kofta, which is similar to beef meatballs grilled on the fire. The tagin is just as tasty. Tagin is an oven dish of meat and vegetables cooked in a clay dish. The side foods such as fresh salad, tahina and eggplant usually set you up for a filling meal.
If you are worried about a sensitive stomach, don’t worry, I was too but touch wood, eating at the local shops haven’t given me any stomach ailments. I do suggest to always choose bottled water. I can’t say for certain whether the tap water would make one ill, but I know that it doesn’t taste very good.
Let’s move over to shopping. Most tourists go to the tourist shopping areas. Khan El Khalili is probably one of the most famous and I agree that it is an experience not to be missed. What you should also try to fit in is a walk in a local mall. You will be pleasantly surprised at the quality clothing stores there are for men and women alike. Brands such as Marco Firri, Tid Lamond, a local brand named Concrete, accessories by Mont Blanc, and similar shops are found in the shopping malls. Women’s wear include local quality brands such as Tiamo, Rojada and Premoda, as well as foreign brands such as Daly Dress and of course all other foreign brands can be found in the shops. Prices are lower than most countries and it has an added benefit to have a shirt or pair of pants with a “Made in Egypt” label attached to it.
There are night clubs all over the city, some are trendy and some are local, some play international music whilst others play Arabic music.
I should mention again, if you travel with us, we are able to take you to all these places and show you the local side of life.

Why not join our Magical Day Trip where you get the chance to visit amazing Cairo sites and have the opportunity to experience the local side of life?



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