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The Sights and Sounds of Istanbul | Blog

The Sights and Sounds of Istanbul

The Sights and Sounds of Istanbul

If you arrive in Turkey right now, it will be uncharacteristically snowing and the city will be quite cold. That doesn’t mean one should hide out in one of the luxurious hotels that the city has to offer. Walking along the labyrinth streets of the city with its impressive structures. These can particularly be found in the Sultanahmet district. Soon the heart of the old city and all its fountains and mosques will have warmed you up enough to take in more of the sightseeing and exploration.

Continue rambling through the city streets with its wall mosaics and tiles. Visit a traditional tea house and sip one of the varieties of flavors that Turkey is known for. Surely one of the renowned pastry shops will be open to sell you some of the tastiest pastries and treats that made the Turks famous for their baklava and delicious desserts.
Last but not least when making your way on foot through Istanbul, you will have to visit a traditional bazaar. The large area with narrow streets will have vendors lined who will sell anything the imagination can think up. You will find pottery, spices, rugs and antiquities made of real copper and silver. There will definitely be fresh fruits and vegetables as well as traditional Turkish clothing and shoes.
Istanbul oozes sensuality from its pores. Not only is the Blue Mosque considered one of the most beautiful structures of the architectural world, but also are the Dervish dancers with their art that only men of the Middle East seemed to have mastered. Together with all that is beautiful to the eye comes the mesmerizing prayer calls from the hordes or minarets that can be seen towering from all over the colorful, majestic city. 



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