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Rose Day - February 7 | Blog

Rose Day - February 7

Rose Day - February 7

Roses were considered the most sacred of all flowers in Ancient Egypt. they were used as offerings for the goddess Isis and have been found in tombs.
The origin of cultivated roses is from Northern Persia, which is now known as Iran.
The English were already cultivating and hybridizing Roses in the 15th Century when the English War of Roses took place. The winner of the war, Tudor Henry VII, created the Rose of England (Tudor Rose) by crossbreeding other Roses.
Currently the Netherlands is the world’s leading rose exporter.
The most popular Rose species for sale today is Rosa rugosa owing to its superior hardiness, disease resistance, and extremely easy maintenance. Species roses are widely hybridized. Wild Species Roses include many different varieties. Wild Species Roses usually bloom once in the summer.
The rose, beautiful in all of its colours, is the most popular flower in the world symbolizing love  and beauty.
Each denomination of roses has its own unique meaning. If you are sending one or a dozen of roses, the amount means the following:
1 Rose - Love at first sight; you are the one
3 Roses - I love you
12 Roses - There are a dozen ways I care about you
18 Roses - I am sorry
24 Roses - Can't stop thinking of you - 24 hours a day
36 Roses - A romantic attachment unlike any other
48 Roses - An unchanging and unconditional love
99 Roses - I will love you for as long as I live
100 Roses - Devoted to you until we are at a ripe-old age
108 Roses - Please Marry Me!
999 Roses - Everlasting and eternal love
As for the color of this amazing flower, the significance of a rose color is as follows:
Red: An expression of love; a symbol of courage and respect
Pink: Admiration; a new love that has yet to bloom, appreciation, motherly love
White: Innocence, purity, secrecy, marriage, loyalty, reverence and humility
Yellow: Joy and deep friendship or platonic love. It could also denote jealousy, infidelity, a dying love and farewell.
Blue: Mystery, the impossible and the unattainable
Purple: Love at first sight, enchantment and all things magical
The rose and its connotation of secrecy started way back in Ancient Egypt and Greek Mythology.
Egypt also cultivates its own roses and here are a few of the country's floral pride:



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