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Fruit in Egypt

Fruit in Egypt

I am not sure if Egypt is the land of milk and honey, but one thing is for sure, it is the land of fruits. I particularly like this time of year. Fruit shops and street vendors sell huge watermelons. They are blood red and as sweet as one’s taste buds can handle. There are rock melons and apricots, prunes, bananas and crunchy apples on every corner and every supermarket. Not to forget the ever so sweet red and green grapes.
What excites me more is that mango season is on our doorstep. I was even taught how to eat those delicious slippery fruits without getting too much mango on my hands and face. With Ramadan approaching the spice shops are being filled up with dried fruits and nuts of all varieties.
Then there are the men who walk with their donkey carts filled with prickly pears during the summer season. Don’t worry; they even peel them for you so that you don’t end up with thorns all over before tasting the delicate taste of this seasonal fruit.
The juice shops always catch my attention with their elegant displays of the fresh fruits that they serve to their customers. One can place a few coins on the counter and find a chilled glass of freshly squeezed juice within mere seconds. For those who have a bit of time to spare, there are tall glasses filled with fruit salad that are just as delicious.
Did I forget to mention that about 87% of all fruit in Egypt is locally cultivated? Yes, the country is proud with its fruit production and if there is a fruit that is not grown in Egypt, one can easily find them from major supermarket chains and selective fruit shops.
I love Egyptian fruit!



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