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The oldest city in the world - Jericho

The oldest city in the world - Jericho

The oldest continuously inhabited city in the world is Jericho. This territory belongs to the ancient city of Palestine, was built on the Jordan River and 9,000 years before Christ. In addition to being the oldest, Jericho is the lowest city in the world as it is situated at an altitude of 258 m below sea level.
Archaeological excavations here revealed more than 20 settlements, and the oldest dates back to around 9000 BC. Jericho is also mentioned in the Old and New Testament, under the name "City of Palms". It was surrounded by a wall with towers, there is a maximum of 1,500 inhabitants lived, and now here are about 20,000 people. 
One of the ancient sites of Jericho
Numerous studies and excavations carried out here from the 1868th year, it was discovered that the city walls built in 5 millennium BC, that are constantly developing for the village, and there are ruins from various periods. Throughout the long history that dates back to before biblical time, Jericho was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt: the Jews kidnapped him from the Canaan conquest of Palestine in the period; the Romans destroyed it 68th in AD.
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