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Dead Sea - Uniqe Elements of Nature | Blog

Dead Sea - Uniqe Elements of Nature

Dead Sea - Uniqe Elements of Nature

Thanks to its unique elements of nature, life and quality of life at the Living Dead Sea are unlike any other place in the world. People of all countries and of all wakes of society make frequent "health and well being pilgrimages" to this region. The climate and the mineral qualities are major features in the variety of its therapeutic qualities, of its beauty treatments and of the menu of bodily pleasures to choose from. 
The Dead Sea coast
Minus 400 - The only place on the globe where the crust of planet Earth recedes to an "in-depth low" of minus 416 meters below sea level.
Sun - 365 days a year of sun that caresses sunbathers through atmospheric filters with the least chance of sun-burning
Air - The air that is miraculously dry, unpolluted, and pollen-free, the air that purifies respiratory systems also filters and softens solar radiation
Water & Springs - The Living Dead Sea is the only un-drown able lake on earth. Travelers from afar make the distance just for the sensation of reclining into its salty water, floating in armchair, reading position and leaving the worries of the world behind them. An assortment of mineral waters of various qualities is used for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments, as well as for manufacturing of the famous Dead Sea cosmetics lines. Drinking water comes from underground aquifer reservoirs by hydro-energy. Mineral-rich springs, predominantly sulphur, and rise from deep down into little ponds along the Dead Sea shores. 
Floating on the Dead Sea
Minus 400 - Mud pack - For improved blood circulation, to relieve tensions of mind and muscle, for cosmetic and therapeutic benefits, indulge in a natural black mud pack. This outdoor do-it-in-twos experience is the most hilarious fun of the Living Dead Sea. Having it administered by your tender, firm hotel masseurs' hands is different but no less delightful. An important added value of both ways is the indispensable photo opportunity. Your folks will like it.

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