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February 2017 Lady Egypt will attend for the third time ,  which came up wiht fruitful meetings, signing contracts with almost all the leading Travel Agencies in tourism industry in India. 

During February 2014 Lady Egypt Tours attended both SATTE and OTM in India. At both shows we met with many Indian Travel agents Face-to-face to discuss future business partnerships and what Lady Egypt as a licensed Egyptian travel agency has to offer. It was the perfect platform to showcase our products and services to the Indian travel trade community.  During our time in India, we established our Indian Branch so it will be much easier for you as an agent to book through our local office.

We now will be offering guaranteed departures on a number of our tours you can visit to see which tours would suit you and your client's best. During these tours, your clients will eat Indian meals and the guides selected understand the culture and expectations of the travelers from India. 
Agents have the choice to pay for these tours via our online payment link, bank transfer or alternatively, payment can be collected locally (in India) by one of our India based sales consultants.

To entice people to visit Egypt we are also releasing special offers which will be super deals these will be for tours valid up to the end of September they will feature on our website and will be commissionable up to 20%  to you as an agent.

We pride ourselves on how we handle the needs of FIT tours in all our destinations EgyptJordanTurkey and Holy land. Our tours are flexible and can depart any day of the week. We can tailor make to your personal requirements and tastes and we are confident that it will meet your needs and expectations. We also have the flexibility when it comes to rates and we are positive that we will offer you competitive pricing on all the packages. 

Our website portrays a comprehensive list of suggested itineraries categorized in travel styles such as luxury tours, adventure tours, safari tours, religious tours, red sea holidays and honeymoon packages to name a few. These suggested itineraries can be used to create your FIT ideas and can be changed to suit your clientele dream tour. 

Lady Egypt has extensive experience in organizing Meetings, Incentive Conference and Exibitions (MICE)  for international, local companies and associations. We can assist with every aspect of your event anywhere in Egypt with confidence. 

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism in India has confirmed that a new airline will be operating regular flights from Mumbai and Delhi starting from May 2014. We believe this will contribute to the convenience of traveling to our destinations.

If you wish to register with us as an agent, please click on this email link, complete the form and send it to A sales consultant will get in touch with you.

for agent registration click here

Lady Egypt Bank Account:

       Account Name     : Lady Egypt Tours
       Bank Name           : Arab African International Bank
       Branch                  : Mohandaseen
       Address                : 48 Gezirat Al Arab Street
       Account Number : 55500 - 13931 - 001
       Swift Code           : A R A I E G C X M O H
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Welcome to the land of Wonders! Discover the most mysterious ancient civilization that gave birth to some of the modern sciences and fathered powerful Pharaohs who left huge legacy of architectural masterpieces.  Dig into the history, archeology and culture of the country, starting your acquaintance with Egypt from the legendary Pyramids of Giza, the only surviving Wonder of the Ancient World and proceed with the monuments erected in different eras; travel through the desert sands that kept safe and intact centuries old treasures; enjoy azure Red Sea with its rich underwater life or let the gentle breeze of the Mediterranean Sea cool your face. Explore the Land of the Pharaohs at its best with Lady Egypt Tours!

Egypt is a country with long and interesting history. The first human settlement appeared here at around 40,000 BC, though it was only 3150 BC when Lower and Upper Egypt were united under the rule of the first Pharaoh – Narmer. This is when the countdown to the great scientific achievements began, however, many of them didn’t reach us and some remained secret until the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, which helped understanding Egyptian hieroglyphs. From the fourth century BC onwards Egypt was ruled by the Ptolemaic Dynasty, Roman Empire, Byzantine, Sasanids, Arabs, Fatimids, Mamluks and Ottoman Empire… Before gaining independence in 1953 Egypt was occupied by European countries – once by France and then by the United Kingdom. 
Each nation influenced on the architectural style, culture, traditions and even religious beliefs of Egypt, making it extremely distinctive and attractive. The state keeps up with times and preserves its special essence of antiquity at the same time: modern Cairo is neighboring with the Giza Plateau, where eternal Pyramids and mythical Sphinx are seated; Luxor is located at the sight of ancient Thebes, once the capital of Pharaonic Egypt; Aswan overlooks the romantic Temple of Philae dedicated to the Goddess Isis; Alexandria suggests its guests visiting unique catacombs, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages...
Lady Egypt has designed the tour packages in a way that allows you exploring the country’s glorious past and learning its rapidly developing present.
The perfect combination of recreational activities is another reason to choose our company. Whether you seek for active holiday or relaxation, we have a lot to offer.
Try a fabulous hot air balloon trip to get your adrenaline going, see spectacular monuments of the West Bank including the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Colossi of Memnon and the so called Temple of Millions of Years at Madinet Habu from the bird’s-eye view. Quadbike desert safari will spice your vacation up; friendly Bedouins dwelling in this hot arid area will treat you to tea made in their own traditional way. If you are keen on water activities, then snorkeling in the Red Sea is just what you need; watch the colorful fish and huge turtles swimming by or enjoy the bewitching coral reefs of different shape and size.
Those who prefer siting back and getting amused should rather visit the Alf Leila Wa Leila show in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. This oriental tale narrated with Bedouin or Egyptian accompaniment will leave you speechless; three-hour-long program will take you first to Ancient Egypt and then bring to life scenes from Scheherazade's stories. Sound and Light Show, mesmerizing belly dances and dazzling tannoura will crown your evening. Take a leisurely felucca sail or luxurious cruise to admire the breathtaking beauty of the Nile and a large number of ancient monuments scattered along the banks of the longest river in the world.
The land that once housed another Wonder of the Ancient World – Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria – still keeps a lot of mysteries and secrets that await their time to be unearthed: the last discovery was dag up in Luxor on November, 2015; it was 2,700-year-old sarcophagus of the high priest of God Amon Ra.
Take a deep breath and step into the world packed with ancient statues and monuments; start your own exploration of Egypt and its treasures with us!  
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